6 Winter Skincare Essentials

6 Winter Skincare Essentials
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As the winter sets in, your skin can become more vulnerable to the elements and it is more likely to suffer for dryness and irritation. The cold conditions on your skin can damage it and cause your skin to become flaky, blotchy and make your lips chap too.


With a simple skincare regime and some TLC, you can save your skin from succumbing to the harsh conditions this winter and make sure it stays healthy all year long.



When you look at cleansing your skin in the winter, the more gentle the product, the better the result. If you are used to using products aimed at acne control such as a charcoal cleanser with added menthol: it is a good idea to ditch that for the winter months and stick to something neutral such as a witch hazel cleanser instead. Cleansing the skin is the most Important part of our skincare routine, we need to understand the type of skin we have and use products which allow a deep clean without stripping our skin of its essential oils completely. In the winter we need our skin oils more than ever, so try and avoid going for any cleanser with alcohol or strong ingredients in it. Finding one which also has moisturising properties is the best option for this time of year.



If you don’t already integrate exfoliation into your skincare routine then you need to start now. When we don’t exfoliate, dead skin builds up as well as dirt and oil: and this clogs our pores causing blackheads to form. To avoid this, exfoliating with a mineral scrub will keep your skin clear of debris and reduce the chance of you developing blackheads.


Put on A Mask

Make sure during the winter that you use a hydrating mask once a week. Ideally you will want to avoid peel off masks and instead look for sheet masks which will nourish your skin with vitamin E, Shea butter and other hydrating formulas. It will soothe the skin and provide a protective barrier against the cold.



After you wash your face, your skin will have a high ph due to the presence of salt in the cleanser you use. To balance out the ph of your skin and smooth the complexion, you need to apply a gentle toner after you shower. Avoid anything harsh like an astringent because these are made mostly of alcohol and can damage the skin. Instead, stick to a toner such as simple toner and leave you skin feeling refreshed and clean.


The Eyes

During the winter you may notice that to look more pale because your blood vessels retreat further into your body. The same happens around the eyes and this can leave us looking very tired and grey. To combat this, moisturise your under eye area each night with an eye cream to keep the area hydrated and prevent it from sinking inwards. You will end up looking much more awake and ready to tackle the day.



To end your skincare routine you want to hydrate your skin with a moisturiser. Make sure it is perfume free and suitable for sensitive skin for the best results. Use a lip balm on your life to prevent them from chapping in the cold and becoming painful. You can read about skin care anywhere online, so make sure you take some time to find the right products for you and keep your skin looking healthy and bright this winter.

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