What To Do If Injured During an Auto Accident

Were you recently in an auto accident? Where there some things that you wish you would have done differently? Because there is that initial state of shock that often blocks out your train of thought, there are several things that you may wish you had done at the scene of the accident or shortly thereafter. Here are just a few things to keep in mind and remain prepared for if you or a loved face the unfortunate circumstances of being involved and injured in an auto accident.

What To Do If Injured During an Auto Accident
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Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer

You may not want to get involved with a lawyer after being in an auto accident because you don’t want to cause any problems with the person who hit you. The fact is that a car accident lawyer can help take control of the compensation situation and get you what’s owed if you’re entitled to it. Your lawyer will handle the phone calls, direct contact, and logistics of the case itself, should it go to court. If you live in a no-fault state, you may be responsible for your own medical bills, which could drive up the cost of your insurance. Suing the responsible party for damages may be the only thing left for you to do so you’re not burdened with huge medical bills.

Have Someone Record All Personal Information  

It’s important to document the scene and record this information in a safe and secure location. While it may seem silly to write down what happened and how the events took place to the best of your knowledge, it can actually help you with answering questions later on, especially if you’ve suffered a brain injury. The police who arrive on the scene will ask you things like:

  • *What were you doing leading up to the accident?
  • *Explain how the accident unfolded in front of you.
  • *Do you remember if anyone else was on the scene of the accident?

It’s hard to know exactly what others will ask you about the accident. Having everything written down and documented allows you to go back and get precise details about what happened. Timeframes, measurements and other pertinent information can easily be forgotten as hours and day pass. If you’ve been rushed to the emergency room due to a brain bleed or concussion, having everything documented in one place will make it easier for you to communicate pertinent info to police investigators, doctors, and insurance adjusters.

Seek Medical Attention

It’s important to seek medical attention immediately following a car accident. While there may be no visible injuries on the outside, there is always a chance of internal damage to vital organs and bones. Because there is a great deal of adrenaline flowing after an extreme incident such as a car crash, it can mask symptoms that would otherwise trigger pain or tension. Therefore, being completely checked out by a professional is recommended. Broken or misaligned joints that go untreated could lead to further medical conditions down the road, such as arthritis and failure to heal properly. So, try not to refuse medical treatment after an accident, it also helps with proper documentation that can be used to go after the person who was at fault.

Call Your Insurance Company

A priority after an auto accident is getting in touch with your insurance companies. You need to tell your insurance company exactly what happened with your accident to the best of your recollection and file a claim. From there, they will take the proper steps in determining who exactly is at fault and process your claim. From there, they will pay any medical bills or alert the hospital to send bills to the other driver to cover the expenses. If the process doesn’t flow smoothly, you’ll have to contact your lawyer about it. From there, he will be able to negotiate reimbursement or proceed with filing a lawsuit. If you’ve had to have a surgery as a direct result of the accident, the right insurance company will compensate for it as well as any follow-up rehabilitative care.

Being injured in a car accident is serious. Be sure to seek treatment right away, no matter how minor or major you think your injury is. This will ensure a speedy and complete recovery process.

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