Clear the Clutter: 4 Minimalist Ideas to Help You Be More Organized at Home

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Many people would like to make their homes more organized. Getting from the wishful thinking stage to the doing stage can be difficult. Here are some ways to help you get your home less cluttered.

Analyze the Situation

Determine which rooms in your house that you want to focus on organizing. To make this process less overwhelming, you may choose to only work on one room at a time. Create a vision of how you want to see your home. Once you have that idea in your mind, set a goal. Determine what it is going to take to get you there. Maybe items just need to be put away. Most likely this plan is going to involve getting rid of some of your things.

Assign Item Priority

Start by going through the items in the room. Determine if it is an item that you want to keep, or if it is something that can leave your home. There are generally four categories that items will fit under. They are keep, sell, donate, or discard. For each item, determine which category it fits under. Consider having boxes for those items that you are no longer going to keep. Label the boxes specific to the category that the items belong.

Put a Plan in Place

Once you have sorted the items that you are discarding, develop a plan of action. Items that are garbage can go in the trash. For the items that are for donation, find a good charity and take the stuff there. Now you are left with items that still have significant value, but are no longer useful to you. Do your research and determine the best means of selling these items. If your items include things like jewelry, you can consider pawning them to a show, like Sol’s Jewelry & Loan. Books can be sold at used book stores, and movies and CDs can be sold to used entertainment stores.


Continue this plan as you go from room to room in your house. You may choose to set aside all the items that you want to sell until the end of the process. That way you can better batch things together to get the most return from your items. Part of cutting the clutter in your home is to stop bringing in new items. Set a goal that if something new comes in, something old has to go out. You can at least maintain the amount of stuff you have in your home this way.

Keeping your home organized will pay off when you find yourself with less things to clean. Try these simple steps when you want to declutter your home.

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