How to Seamlessly Make a Career Change

Many people want to make a career change at so many different points in there life, for so many different reason. Perhaps they just want a change, or feel they have so much more potential to give, having been in the same role for a while. The inability to progress at their current company is also a good reason to change careers. As human beings we need something to strive towards, and get disheartened if we feel we are working towards nothing. Whatever your reasons, here is some advice to get you started, or help you along the way.

 How to Seamlessly Make a Career Change
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Plan Something Before You Quit

Some people quit their job with plan in place, and have no idea what to do next. Maybe the fear or adrenaline kicks in, and they get somewhere, but this isn’t how the majority of people function. Knowing what you want to next, and having something lined up for afterwards, is always a beneficial plan. I you have dependables, or rent to pay like most people, you don’t want to take too many unnecessary risks. Although you will have to take the plunge at some point, make sure you ready for when you do.


Find Another Role at the Same Company

Once you’ve got your foot in the door, it is often really easy to move around the company. Finding another role in the place where you work, is a lot easier than finding a whole new job elsewhere. This has the advantage of the company already knowing you, and you being a trusted and hard working employee already. This means you’ve already ticked a lot of boxes before you’ve even had the interview. If you want a career change but like where you work, this could be great for you.


Many companies today have so many departments, and lots of roles you could potentially move into. If there isn’t an existing role available, then ask about in the department you want to go into, and show your interest. This means they will think of you when a position becomes available. If the role doesn’t exist where you work, why not pitch it to your boss? If you spot where the business is lacking, and show how you doing this job could help it to thrive, you might just get the job you create for yourself.


Go Back to School

A great way to change your career is to go back to university or  college, or even picking up an extra few qualifications could really help. Often companies offer training and schemes, so take full advantage of these if you are offered them. Why not do some research about what courses you can take, check out the Top 10 UK Aviation Universities if you think this might work for you. If you already have an undergraduate degree, taking a Masters in a different subject, can be a great way to get you started on a new career path. Postgraduate taught degrees are often steered towards towards more vocational subjects, and could really add to your CV and job applications in the future.


Work for Yourself

So many people get tired of working for the profit of others, and simply decide to work for themselves. When you get towards your thirties, you already have a good idea of how business would work, and you know how to do your current job inside and out. Starting your own business can be stressful, but many people find it is much more rewarding. The feeling of accomplishment when your business takes off, and being your own boss, is often priceless. You might even already have some contacts on your current business, or know enough people and customers to start off your own.


Do Your Research

You might want a change in career but have no idea what to go into. There are so many roles out there for you to discover, and a bit of researching can help you discover them. This can of course be done online. There is so much official, and informal information out there, that could tell you about potential roles you could do. Word of mouth, and speaking to people, is great to. Why not network at coffee shops or bars, and ask about what people do. You would be surprised about what advice and recommendations come your way. Many people have even found jobs this way, just by asking, and meeting the right people.


So many people want to make career changes, and after 25 is the best time to make one.   

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