Kitchen Garden Perfection For Healthy Family Meals

There is no better feeling or taste than cooking food that has been harvested fresh from your very own garden. However, before you can cook those ingredients into delicious, healthy meals for your family, you have to grow them first. With that in mind, you can read on to find out how to do this, as well as a few suggestions for dishes, you may like to create with your homegrown produce.


The first step to growing your own fruits and vegetable at home is the preparation you will need to do. This isn’t a hands-on step, but it is vital for your crops to be successful.


Take some time to investigate the type of soil that you have in the garden, as it could be sandy or clay-like. Then try and match the plants you will buy to the soil, as this will ensure you give them the best chance of producing a good crop.



Next, you need to make sure that you nurture your plants, so they are strong enough to survive when you put them in the ground outside.


To do this successfully you will need to sow them in the springtime, but keep them in a greenhouse to develop before you take them outside to grow. A lot of people skill this step because they are worried they don’t have enough room in their garden for a greenhouse, but this often results in disaster for your plants!


Luckily, even if you do only have a small garden it’s likely you can find a solution with companies that offer this sort of lean to greenhouse range as well as their traditional stock. Something that is much more suitable if you are working with limited space, but will still provide the necessary protection for your plants as they mature.



Kitchen Garden Perfection For Healthy Family Meals
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Once your crops have reached a certain stage, they will be ready to take outside and plant in in the ground proper. To do this, dig a hole about 2 inches deeper than the root system on the plant. Then place them in the hole and fill in all around with composite to give them a good start.


Also, remember to place each individual plant far enough apart so it won’t be fighting its neighbor for light and water. Check out this vegetable planting guide to help establish this, as the distance varies from plant to plant.



For the harvesting stage it can be useful to get a knee cushion, so when you are pulling up carrots, potatoes, or picking strawberries, it’s a little more comfortable.


You can also get special telescopic apple pickers to help you harvest too. These are soft bags on a long pole that allow you to reach all the fruit on your trees, but don’t do damage to it, as its being picked.



Kitchen Garden Perfection For Healthy Family Meals
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Spaghetti with a tomato sauce cooked from homemade vegetables is a delicious and healthy meal.

Last of all, once you have harvested your delicious crops it’s time to make something tasty and healthy for the family to eat with them, Some of our particular favorites include a good quinoa salad or a nice spaghetti recipe made with homegrown tomatoes. A dish that makes a perfect family meal on a cold winter’s night.

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