On Approach To 30: Giving Yourself An Internal And External Makeover

On Approach To 30: Giving Yourself An Internal And External Makeover
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Lots of people view approaching 30 as a ticking time bomb, that there’s not much after 30 but babies and boring stuff. But, as you go past that mid-20s point in your life, and have that “quarter-life crisis”, it forces you to think about how to give yourself a makeover, in the emotional, as well as physical sense. So, how do you give yourself a makeover in both respects so you can start your 30s off on the right foot?


Lining Up Those Priorities

To make your 30s less of a bombshell, complete with things like mortgages, friends getting married, and you being asked to babysit every weekend, you might want to start thinking about what your priorities are in life. Your priorities now, in comparison to 10 years ago are completely different, and it’s exactly the same 10 years from now. So think about exactly what you want out of life. No doubt you’ve already thought about some of these, but now, as time goes on, it’s important to start making these a reality in one way or another.


Looking After Your Health

A very common topic of discussion as you go past 25 is that everything starts to deteriorate in one way or another, and it’s lots of people think of this as inevitable. But, you don’t need to be in this mindset. You are better off undertaking a regime, a physical and beauty one, to reinvigorate your whole appearance. There are plenty of anti-aging products out there, but there are some that don’t promise what they deliver. This is why you need to do your research and pick and choose the right products, there are plenty like Skin Style, that doesn’t just offer a selection of products, but there are useful resources to help you age with style and grace. Remember, if you try to disguise your wrinkles and laughter lines, by putting on more makeup, becomes infinitely noticeable that you got something to hide. So, the other side of this beauty regime is all about looking after yourself from the inside out. This means being hydrated, exercising, and watching what you eat.


Exercising Your Mind

We are too quick to vegetate in front of the television on the couch, with our phone in hand, but this is a recipe for disaster as you age. Primarily this is because you are not using your mind as much as you should. Yes, if you’ve got a challenging job that requires you to thoroughly exhaust your brain every day, you get a pass. But it’s very important, now especially with the amounts of cases of Alzheimer’s and age-related cognitive decline we read about, that exercising your brain is one of the most vital things you need to do on a daily basis. It doesn’t have to be a complex thing; it just needs to be enough so that you are keeping the synapses warmed up. You can use things like brain training, or you can just attempt to do that daily Sudoku puzzle, or you can do something that some sports people do, and try to retain focus, by counting from 1 to 100 in increments. It may sound simple, but it’s harder than you think!


Appreciating Your Freedom

While you may think of approaching 30 as some sort of death knell, if you do have priorities which involve having children, getting married, and general adult-oriented things, you need to do what you have intended to do for years. This means exploring the world, doing something that scares you, and mainly enjoying your freedom while you can. As they say, youth is wasted on the young, but if you are aware of how much freedom you have, you will endeavor to make the most of it. And you should! Go travelling, think about your bucket list and what you would like to achieve. Some people don’t have major goals in life, and that’s fine, the goal is to not have any regrets.


Giving ourselves a makeover can mean changing ourselves up for the better, but remember, it’s important not to force seismic changes. And when you are looking at giving yourself a makeover in the internal and external sense, it is important to approach change with an open mind and not to feel stressed about these changes. Turning 30, as most people have said, is just another day. And why you may feel that there are things you need to get out of the way before your body clock says it’s too late, these little nuggets are all about positive change.

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