4 Ways WWE Is Basically A Soap Opera

 4 Ways WWE Is Basically A Soap Opera
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You’ve probably never thought much about WWE.


While something of a cultural phenomenon, there’s no doubt that WWE is generally mystifying to the vast majority of the population. How can people enjoy what is essentially fake fighting? How can there be enough fake fighting to merit an enter network at dedicated to it?


The truth is that WWE is, indeed, “fake fighting”, but it’s also something more: it’s a soap opera. Sure, it’s a soap opera that is played out to live audiences as well as TV viewers, but this aside, there’s no denying that WWE is arguably the most successful soap of all time– and here’s why we can make such a proclamation:


#1 – Everyone Is Acting

We all know that WWE is fake, as in the wrestling moves aren’t as painful as they are sold to look and the ‘feuds’ are created by writers. However, the extension of this logic is that… everyone is acting. Just like in a soap opera. Wrestlers personalities are often described as their own personality turned up to the maximum, but they’re still acting– so here’s the first tick in the soap opera debate.


#2 – There Are Soap Opera-Worthy Storylines

If you were to head to HeadlineTickets.com and head to a WWE show, what do you think you’d see on the night? Fake fighting, and… not much else, right?


Wrong. WWE lives and breathes on storylines, and some of those storylines are outright ridiculous. How about a story where the outcome of a match decides a custody battle? Here’s how that went down:



Or a wedding being interrupted when a former boyfriend of the bride announces he holds secret information on her?



These are the kinds of disputes that soap operas thrive on, and WWE has been running them for years.


#3 – WWE Embraces Its Ridiculous Nature

Soap operas know they’re ridiculous; that they’re cheesy. They know that the viewers know it, too– so they embrace it, push their zany nature, and know the viewers will just smile and nod along.


WWE do the same thing. They know they’re not a serious wrestling company or even a sport, so they embrace the ridiculous side of their business and make the most of it. They’re self-aware… just like the people who make soap operas are.


#4 – Heros and Villains Are Clearly Defined

Soap operas thrive on heroes and villains, so you always know what to expect when a character pops up on screen. WWE do the exact same thing; they have “heels” (bad guys) and “faces” (good guys). By always ensuring these lines are very tightly drawn, the viewers always know what to expect, just like in soap operas.


So while you may not be ready to head to WWENetwork.com and sign up, there’s no denying it: WWE is a soap opera. If you’re a fan of TV soaps but have ignored WWE for years, then you might have been missing out on the biggest soap opera of all time.

 4 Ways WWE Is Basically A Soap Opera
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