3 Realities When Living With Long-Hair Pets

3 Realities When Living With Long-Hair Pets
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Pets enrich our lives beyond measure, providing a wonderful home environment and giving us the chance to share our lives with our four-legged friends. When you’re a pet owner, the love is unconditional, and you can’t imagine your life without your furry friend in it.


Of course, there is one downside to the wonderful life of a pet owner… pet hair. Pet hair is a problem for any pet owner, of course, but there’s no doubt that the problem is far worse if you have long-haired pets. Long-hair animals look so beautiful when they’re had their fur tended to at the likes of labestinc.net, but the rest of the time, all that gorgeous fur can create more than a few problems at home.


If you’ve got long-haired pets, then sit back and ready yourself to bask in solidarity, as we explore the unfortunate realities of living with long-hair pets…


#1 – You Haven’t Worn Fur-Free Clothes In Years

You try your best. You have a lint roller and various other techniques for removing hair from clothes. You think you’ve got your outfit just right — and it looked right when you took your last glance in the mirror! — but then you head outdoors and realize there’s cat hair along the side of your shirt.


We’ve all been there; it’s nigh-on impossible to remove every trace of hair when you live with long-haired pets. So maybe try and think of it in a nice way; wherever you go, you’re ensuring a part of your pet goes with you!


#2 – Shedding Season Is The Chance For A New Carpet

It’s not a carpet you particularly want, of course– it’s a carpet of pet hair. But you’re going to get it, with all the fur being shed layering itself in your home. No matter how hard you vacuum, there will always be a spot you missed, or new fur just waiting to lay down a fresh layer.


It’s fair to say that all long-hair pet owners breathe a sigh of relief when shedding season finally comes to an end! With that said, as thenest.com point out, your pet will be shedding throughout the year– sometimes it’s just more intense than others!


#3 – You’ll Find Pet Hair In The Strangest Places

3 Realities When Living With Long-Hair Pets
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You head into the attic to retrieve an item that hasn’t been used in years. You push open the latch, head inside… and notice that there’s pet hair. In the attic. In the area where you specifically know your pets can’t get to and don’t go.


It’s not just the attic either. Long-hair owners will find hair everywhere, from behind furniture to the back of cupboards. How does it get there? You’ll never really know, but you will begin to harbor the suspicion that your pets are rather adventurous when you’re out of the house, with only the deposited hair left behind as a clue to their activities!


In Conclusion

As annoying — and baffling — as excessive pet hair can be, there’s no doubt that it is 100 percent worth it. Long-hair animals are stunningly beautiful, so you don’t mind the occasional inexplicable appearance of hair or the dreaded shedding seasons; it’s worth it to have your oh-so-furry friend in your life.

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