The Industries That Are Crying Out For Graduate Talent

The Industries That Are Crying Out For Graduate Talent
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Ever since the big financial crash of 2007, job hunting has been a huge challenge for new graduates. Many companies have been making it increasingly difficult for individuals fresh out of college or uni to get a position with them as many firms are looking for employees who have plenty of experience behind them. Lots of businesses still have very tight purse strings when it comes to recruiting new hires, and there aren’t many that are prepared to spend money on training graduates. Thankfully, though, that seems to be changing in some industries.


There now seem to be lots of firms who are starting to open their doors to graduates and individuals who don’t a whole load of professional experience. This is probably because many industries are now finally starting to recover from the upheaval and chaos of 2007. So, ready to start your job hunting with a vengeance? Here are the industries you should aim for.



Construction is an absolutely huge industry that is made up of many different sectors, all of which are constantly on the lookout for new talent. So, that means that companies like Helitech Civil Construction Division are always on the lookout for new apprentices and those with construction management qualifications. This is an industry that loves newbies starting at the very bottom rung of the ladder and working tirelessly to get to the top of companies. So, if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, then construction is a brilliant industry to consider for your career.


Tech And IT

Want an exciting industry to work in? This is definitely the one for you! The tech and IT industries are constantly developing and growing with every new tech development. And that means that new jobs and roles are constantly being brought to many companies. Take the role of social media manager, for instance – just ten years ago, that job didn’t exist! And now graduates who are social-media savvy are finding it ever so easy to fit into tech companies thank to all these developments and changes within the industry.


Creative Industries

New technology is also making improvements in the creative industries. Once, these were incredibly difficult industries to get into, but things are improving as the internet now makes it easier for people with talent to get spotted. For instance, if you have always dreamed of being a writer, you can now set up your own blog and can find many online creative journals to which you can submit your work. You never know where this may take you and your career!


New Energies

Because of the current threat from global warming, many companies that work in new energies are very lucrative right now. Thanks to their profitability, they find it easy to bring on new graduates for their various training and onboarding programs. Not only that, but this is one of the few future-proof industries out there. After all, we are going to be constantly on the lookout for new energies in the future.


Which industry takes your fancy?

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