Get Some Head Space Fast With Ideas That Actually Work

Sometimes, your head feels muddled up and a little all over the place. It’s nothing to be ashamed of; many of us need a little head space from time to time. Our brains work on processing so much information each day, each second of the day in fact, that it can be all too easy to feel bogged down.


When you’re feeling under the weather, overwhelmed, or not quite yourself, here are some ideas that will actually work to make you feel better:


Take Some Deep Breaths

If you suddenly find yourself feeling overwhelmed and you don’t have a lot of time, deep breathing is more effective than people would think. You can do it anywhere, and it’s completely free. You can’t always sit down to meditate in the middle of the office, and you don’t have the usual things that help you to de-stress on hand. So, start taking deep breaths. Count your breaths in for 7 seconds, and then try to breathe out for 11 seconds. As long as you out breath is slower than your in breath, it should work to relax you in no time.


Most of us breathe too shallow, and this signals to the body that we’re stressed. Even if you don’t feel particularly bogged down, make an effort to take some deep breaths throughout the day. It’ll help in the long run.


 Get Some Head Space Fast With Ideas That Actually Work
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Use Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a wonderful tool that can instantly relax you. With the products available today, you can have it around your home with the help of a diffuser, around your neck, or even by using a portable breathing device.


Speak To A Pro

If you’re feeling super low and need to speak to somebody fast, you may need to find a professional. Finding a pro in your area can take time, but using a site like Clinia can cut down the process and help you to make an appointment in no time. Make sure you don’t put it on hold. Your mental health matters.



Meditation can cure many of the world’s problems, and yet most people still don’t do it. Just a couple of minutes each day can make the biggest difference!


Color Something In

Color therapy has been proven to work, so grab a coloring book and some quality colors of your choice and get to work. You might just find that after a short while, your problems seem to drift away and you’re focused on nothing but your picture.


Start Knitting

Knitting can make us happier, according to studies! This may be because it can be a social activity, or even because we can get so absorbed in the activity that it helps us to let go of negative emotions.

 Get Some Head Space Fast With Ideas That Actually Work
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Speak To A Friend

Don’t hesitate to speak to a friend when you’re feeling low. A simple text message or call could help you to feel better in no time. A true friend will always be there for you!


These suggestions can help you to clear your head and feel better in a short space of time, so try them out!

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