Embarrassed by Your Smile? These 5 Procedures Can Help

If your smile could use some improvements, there are some effective treatments that can help give you the beautiful teeth you desire. Some of these treatments are minimally invasive and can produce near-flawless results. Here are five procedures that can help you get the smile of your dreams.

Embarrassed by Your Smile? These 5 Procedures Can Help
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Having crooked teeth can make you feel more self-conscious of your smile and also cause problems with your bite and overall dental health. If you want to straighten your teeth without wearing cumbersome metal braces, Invisalign is a great alternative. Your dental care provider will offer you clear aligner trays that fit comfortably over your teeth.

These trays can correct misalignment problems in a way that’s seemingly invisible. Your teeth will be gently shifted into their correct positions over time. Unlike traditional braces, these trays won’t leave cuts or sores in your mouth. When you need to clean your trays, simply remove them to brush, rinse or soak them in a safe solution.

Dental Implants

Missing teeth is one of the most common cosmetic dental concerns. Fortunately, dental implants can fill in the gaps of these missing teeth and prevent your other teeth from shifting out of place.

A dentist who offers dental implant therapy can put in implants that fuse with bone and offer a permanent solution. A titanium metal pole will be inserted to hold each implant in place. This treatment can make it more comfortable for you to talk and chew food and may even prevent further bone loss.

With dental implants in Rockford IL, you’ll have a more beautiful smile along with improved oral health and hygiene. These implants can also save you the trouble of having to wear removable dentures.

Dental Veneers

Custom-made veneers can be created from porcelain or a composite material to adhere to the fronts of your teeth. Even though these veneers are thin, they can act as a durable shell to hide certain dental flaws.

Many people get these veneers to hide teeth that have chips, discoloration or space in between that are too wide. Dental veneers are also sometimes effective in disguising teeth that are marginally crooked. If any of your teeth are uneven in length, these veneers can make everything look equal in the most natural way possible.

Resin Fillings

If your teeth aren’t looking their best because of cavities or chips, resin fillings can correct these flaws. Many dentists use these tooth-colored fillings nowadays instead of amalgam metal fillings that were commonly used in the past.

After drilling out any decay from a tooth and forming a pocket, a resin filling will be placed in the tooth. These fillings are designed to last for many years without having to be replaced. Dentistry.com states that many people elect to get resin fillings instead of porcelain ones because they are often less expensive and easier to install.

Teeth Whitening

Improving your smile doesn’t always have to involve a surgical procedure or wearing some type of dental appliance. Many dentists offer teeth whitening treatments that can often be completed in a single appointment. For even greater results, your dentist might ask you to return for subsequent treatments.

After a whitening solution has been placed on your teeth, the dentist will use a laser or special light to emit rays that make your teeth whiter. This cosmetic dental therapy is often effective in getting rid of coffee and wine stains along with other discolorations that can leave teeth looking less healthy.

Having a more radiant smile can become a reality with the right dental treatments. Whether your concerns are stemming from having crooked teeth, missing teeth or teeth stains, there are many cosmetic dental therapy options that you can try.

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