Try Better, Fail Better: How You Can Save Your Relationship

Try Better, Fail Better: How You Can Save Your Relationship
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It is never a good thing to admit to, but when your relationship is failing, you may feel a sense of failure looming large over your abilities to hold down a sense of committment. Nobody is immune from the difficulties of long-term relationships, but when problems are arising, you can choose to deal with it in one of two ways. You can either avoid the issue, and retreat into denial, or you can choose to both address the problem head-on, and tackle the flaws in the relationship. So, how can you save a relationship?


Communication: The Vital Resource

This is not just a solution to your problems, but it can be the cause. If communications have been an issue before, you can benefit from discussing why you aren’t communicating properly anymore. There are right and wrong ways to communicate, and when it comes to saving your relationship, there are vital resources you can find to help, such as on, but the one thing people struggle with when it comes to learning how to communicate is the act of listening. So, before you dive in and accuse your partner, take a step back and listen to what you’re saying, but listen to them too!


Address The External Influences

The big thing with relationships is that there may be too many cooks interfering at points. This can be a very difficult thing to address any relationship. When it comes to discussing your problems in terms of a relationship, you can rely too much on your external influences to lend a sympathetic ear, but instead of speaking to your friends or external influences, it’s better to speak to your partner about your concerns. External influences can certainly have a positive effect, but unfortunately, this can be at the point where you are seeking professional help to finalize a divorce or are going through counselling together. Sites like certainly have resources in which to help struggling couples mediate the final aspects of their relationship, but before it gets to that point, where you will only speak to each other through lawyers, try to speak to each other directly!


Set Suitable Boundaries

While you may feel that you and your partner shouldn’t abide by rules, the fact of the matter is that without suitable boundaries, it leaves a relationship with a severe sense of uncertainty. Remember, the key word in “relationship” is “relate”. By maintaining suitable boundaries, it will help to avoid conflict between you and your partner, but also, it aids respect. A sense of respect will nurture trust, and it will also improve your respect towards each other. The boundaries don’t have to be massive, but it depends on the state of your relationship. Something like staying out late on a Saturday night, if your partner has promised that they wouldn’t do so, you should apply the same rule yourself.


Saving your relationship is a big task, and it can also be an extremely overwhelming one, but by having the willing to set things right, it will be the best thing for both of you.

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