Enter To Win: Share Your 2018 Goals and Resolutions $100 Amazon egift Giveaway!

The new year always inspires us to make changes. I know many of you have been thinking about your goals and resolutions and we want you to be successful. They say it takes 21 days to make a habit. So this is our way of helping inspire you to keep your goals and resolutions on your mind each day.

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With that said we wanted to do a giveaway that would inspire fellow Lifers to think about different goals or resolutions you would like to meet by the end of this year.  My hope is that this will encourage you to create your plan to execute.  We’re giving one of our lucky readers a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card, this should help get your goal or resolution jump started.  To give you an idea of a few things I have on my list I’ll share 5 of my 2018 goals.

Da Vinci’s 2018 Goals

1. Eat healthier and exercise at least 3 days a week

2. Read a new book each month

3. Consolidate any debt and Pay off all my credit cards while working on building my credit score.

4. Plan and pay for 2 vacations for 2019

5. Do more social awareness campaigns on Your Life After 25


Your Life After 25’s 2018 Goals & Resolutions $100 Amazon Giveaway!

01/01/18 – 03/31/18

One (1) winner receives:

$100 Amazon eGift Card

Giveaway open Worldwide

Share A Goal or Resolution You’ve Made For 2018!

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