6 Amazing Ways To Become A More Generous Person This Year

6 Amazing Ways To Become A More Generous Person This Year

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Happy New Year! Have you already decided on this year’s resolutions? Maybe it’s to get fitter, learn a new hobby or just to worry less. These are all great goals, but have you also thought about becoming a more generous individual? It may sound difficult and something which takes up a lot of time, but can come very easy if you follow these simple steps!


Be grateful for what you have

This is the most important and first step to becoming a more generous person. Make a quick list of the things which you’re grateful for in life and take a moment to consider what your life would be like without these things. Sometimes, we spend so much time thinking about what we don‘t have, that we forget the wonderful things we do have which others would treasure for.


Start in smaller quantities

If you’ve never really donated to a charity before, consider donating really small amounts at first. After all, every little bit helps! If you’re feeling really generous, work your way up and gradually give more money (if you can afford it). Money isn’t the only thing you can donate too! Find any unused items such as old clothes, baby toys, furniture or even unwanted food, and give them to the nearest homeless or animal shelter.


Be a good samaritan

Whether you’ve taken a public safety degree or just learned how to perform CPR, offering any help to someone in need is always beneficial. It could be something as small as aiding a blind person across a road to acting as a witness to a crime, whatever it is, be rational and consider your own safety too!


Hang around with more generous and positive-minded people

6 Amazing Ways To Become A More Generous Person This Year

It’s a well-known saying that the company you keep makes an impact on the type of person you become. This goes by saying that if you more spend time with generous people, their kind nature will rub off on you. By being in the same company, you can ask them for advice and have the opportunity to listen to their inspiring stories.


Pay less attention to material values

By becoming less fixated on the latest tech or the most trending designer handbag on the market, you will have more time and energy to support others. Instead of fantasizing about what features the latest iPhone has, think about how you could have a positive impact on someone else’s life. Once you’ve made an intentional act of generosity, the buzz you’ll get out of it will feel amazing, and you’ll just want to keep going!


Spend time with those who need care and support

This one can apply to anyone at all, whether it’s friends, family or people you don’t even know. If you know someone who’s grieving over the death of a loved one, pop in to comfort them every now and then or just simply let them know that you’re there for them. The same goes for spending time with the elderly and the homeless too. Most shelters and retirement homes accept volunteers with open arms and appreciate every moment of your time.

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