Like Clockwork: The Parts Of Your Home You Really Need To Look After On A Regular Basis

Like Clockwork: The Parts Of Your Home You Really Need To Look After On A Regular Basis
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The concerns when it comes to looking after your home are many, and whether you’ve just bought your dream property, or you are looking to make certain changes to your home for it to feel more comforting to you, there can be a lot of questions to ask. For those that have no experience in the important aspects of a property, or those people who have just bought their first home, there is no need to have a gap in their knowledge anymore. So, here are some of the really important parts of your home that you have to make sure you are on top of, and how often you should check them.


Once A Year…

On an annual basis, it’s important to check the exterior of your house. You need to make sure that there aren’t any issues on a superficial level, such as if any of the sidings have been damaged from the winter, this should be done in the springtime. There are various siding material options for anyone who has experienced superficial damage during the winter months. You should also check the foundation of your home, just in case, there are any cracks. You should also look for superficial damage to your roof, as there could be leaks and so forth. But to fix this, you may require a professional, because this isn’t something that can be fixed up with caulk.


Twice A Year…

Check the water heater’s pressure valve. By doing this, it will help to prevent corrosion build-up, which will protect you against leaks. You should also replace the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon dioxide detectors. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t change the batteries when they start to beep, but every professional recommends changing them twice a year. Do you want to save some money on your electricity bill? Here’s a handy hint, vacuum the coils of your refrigerator. Did you know that the fridge can use up to 15% of the electricity in your home? Because the coils can get dirty over time, the fridge requires more electricity to power it. It can help you to save approximately $100 a year!


Four Times A Year…

Quarterly checks are vital to the upkeep of your home, and these include testing the smoke alarm and carbon dioxide detectors, as you need to make sure that your home is as safe as possible. If you’ve got a garage, you should test the auto reverse function, by putting a 2×4 on the ground and close the door on it, so the door should reverse automatically when it hits the wood. And if you’ve got guest bedrooms and bathrooms, you should flush those toilets and run the taps you seldom use so it can prevent a buildup of grime.


In addition to these, you should check your HVAC filters every month, as well as look at your fire extinguisher, and clean your cooker hood filters on a monthly basis also. General upkeep is something that is incredibly frustrating, but it’s vital if you really want to look after your home.


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