Make Your Own Quirky Jewelry Pieces – Here’s How

Making quirky jewelry pieces is a great activity for anybody who likes to get creative and show off their own unique style. Jewelry is very personal to the wearer. Some people choose to wear sentimental pieces only, while others love piling costume jewelry on like theres no tomorrow. Whatever category you fall into, making your own pieces will give you a new, worthwhile hobby to try – you could even find that you fall in love with it and make a bit of a side business out of it!


Here are a few tips you can use to get you started:


Choose A Technique

Jewelry making is a pretty broad term – after all, there are hundreds of different techniques that you can try. You need to pay attention to the sort of jewelry pieces you like the look of, and then choose your technique based on that. Do you want to try simple silversmithing, so you can make your own fancy looking rings and bracelets? Perhaps you simply want to use wires and beads, or wrap semi precious stones in wire to create something that looks really unique and personal. There are all kinds of techniques for beginners.


Make Your Own Quirky Jewelry Pieces - Here's How
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Once you’ve tried a technique or two, and you know whether you like it or not, you could consider investing in some equipment to help your technique improve further. For example, a

laser cutter to work with wood, or even to engrave your pieces. You could even move on to using more expensive stones in your work. It’s usually best to work with cheaper materials at the start so you have room to mess up! Messing up should be expected.


Do A Course Or A Workshop

You don’t need to go and do a full time course to learn how to make unique jewelry pieces. You could go to a night course, or even a day workshop to get some one on one advice. Although you can pretty much teach yourself everything with the information you find online, sometimes getting help from a pro is best!


Put Together A Dedicated Space

Every jewelry maker, whether doing it as a hobby or a job, needs a dedicated space. Find somewhere you can sit comfortably and store your tools. If you have a spare room, that’s great, but a quiet corner will do!


Think Outside Of The Box

By taking a quick look on Instagram, Pinterest, and the Blogosphere, you’ll see that unique pieces you’ve never seen before are cropping up all over the place. Some people are creating pendants with sassy engraved quotes on them, while others are making necklaces adorned with clay painted mandrakes from the world of Harry Potter! If you have any of your own unique ideas, write them down. Take risks. Try them out! You never know what could happen.


What sort of jewelry will you create with these tips? You have your own unique style and brand, you just need to find it! Leave your thoughts and ideas below.

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