4 Ways Your Smartphone Can Help You Be a More Responsible Adult

Entering adulthood is a fun and frustrating experience. Budgeting, staying healthy, keeping track of events, and staying in touch with friends and relatives is as important as ever, but how can you balance everything at once? Fortunately, there are many ways your smartphone can sort out your life and get you onto the path to success. Here are four ways you can improve your life balance in the new year with the help of your mobile device.

Money Management

4 Ways Your Smartphone Can Help You Be a More Responsible Adult
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The responsibility that comes with adulthood is directly tied to your finances and how you manage them. You have lots of big decisions coming up, from entering home mortgages and paying off student loans to setting up retirement plans.

To organize your finances, start with your phone. Most banks and credit card companies have apps with push notifications for when payments are due. Even if you forget to make a credit card payment, you can send money to pay off your balance with just a few clicks. There’s no excuse for saying you’re too busy to meet your payments.

You can also download personal finance apps like Mint to manage all of your accounts in one place. Just input your bank information and credit cards and the app will automatically sort it, allowing you to craft a budget and easily keep track of your spending. Additionally, Mint allows you to budget expenses like rent, entertainment, and pet care, enabling you to live within your means.

Diet and Exercise

The stress of young adulthood can quickly lead to a bad diet. You might say you’ll watch what you eat, but without a concrete goal and trackable data, these claims usually fall by the wayside.

There are a wide variety of apps available to help you, from analytical calorie counters to personalized journals. Two of the best are MyFitnessPal and My Diet Coach. The best way to track your diet and exercise habits is to combine them into one. These tools will help you balance your time at the gym with the heavy dinner you ate with friends the day before. Since your smartphone goes with you, you’ll be able to input meals and activities as soon as you’re done with them, keeping vital statistics from falling through the cracks.

Keeping Your Parents in the Loop

It’s hard to stay in touch with your parents, especially if your job takes you across the state or country. However, they’ve been in your shoes before and want to help you succeed.

Your phone’s built-in calendar is a wonderful tool for setting up and sharing events, such as weekly calls with family and the friends that matter most to you. Google Calendar has SMS functionality, allowing you to add events by sending a descriptive message to “GVENT.”

Video calls are also an excellent way to keep up with your family and friends if you can’t regularly visit due to travel expenses or time constraints. You can even use video calls to remotely attend distant family events, making holidays, birthdays, and even weddings seem a little closer than they might be.

Video Interviews and Job Searching

One of the hardest parts of entering the real world is getting a job you love that pays well. Modern jobseekers rely on smartphones to find jobs through Indeed or LinkedIn, buff up their resumes, and even hold video and phone interviews.

This is why it’s crucial to have a reliable smartphone as an adult. Potential employers won’t appreciate a blurry video, and you could miss application deadlines if your phone isn’t on a great network. For example, T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note 8 makes video conferencing easy by offering both clear video streams and a reliable network. You’ll never have to worry about dropping a call or struggling with a bad connection during an interview.

The daunting task of establishing yourself as an adult is easier with a reliable smartphone. With a few clicks, you can pay your bills, apply for a job, and call home. It’s your on-call personal assistant. So go ahead and make full use of the power at your fingertips!

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