First Date Turn-Offs That You Should Always Avoid

We’ve all been there before; anxiously waiting at a restaurant, hoping that your date won’t stand you up, eagerly looking at your phone and messaging your friends to tell them how long you’ve been waiting–then they finally show up.


But are you really prepared for it? There are probably a hundred and one things going through your mind now. How do you speak to them? How do you approach them about the menu? What kind of things will you talk about? There are many different important components of a date, but it’s also important to remember that there are also lots of turn-offs that you should avoid.


Dating is like a minefield; make one small misstep and it’s going to turn into a disastrous night. So to help you out, we’ve put together a small list of first date turn-offs that you should really avoid.

 First Date Turn-Offs That You Should Always Avoid
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Too much bragging

The last thing you want to do is brag constantly. Even if you do have a wonderful life or lots of cool things to show off, it’s best to keep them for future dates so you don’t exhaust all of your conversational topics on the first date.


Awkward silences

And on the topic of conversation, try to at least spark up a bit of talking. Read up some conversational tips and learn to keep your date talking to learn more about them.


Drinking too much

If the location you’re meeting up at has alcohol, try to control your urges and don’t get drunk. You don’t want to force your date to look after you in the evening or have to take you home!


Having poor manners

This should be obvious, but don’t be rude or disrespectful. Sure, your crude jokes might be a hit with your friends, but save them for when you learn more about your date so that you don’t offend them with anything you say.


Going for a smoke

“Back in a moment, I need a smoke.” is probably one of the most unattractive things that could be said on a date. Don’t do it! As much as you’d want to go out for a smoke break, try and curb your urges. If anything, let your date know that it’s an e-cigarette such as Lawless and not actual cigarettes. Vaping is a lot less concerning than actual smoking and most people wouldn’t want to kiss a date at the end of the night after learning they’re a smoker.


Showing up late

The worst thing you can do is appear unreliable or uninterested. Make sure you clear your schedule and arrive early so that there’s less chance of being late. You don’t want to appear like you’re not a dependable person.


Not slowing it down

You might feel like you have a deep connection with your date after a few drinks and some great food, but remember to slow it down. Don’t talk about marriage and don’t even mention family. Just focus on you and your date for now–the other stuff can wait!

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