The Material Matters: Your Garments Turned Raw

The Material Matters: Your Garments Turned Raw
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Over the last couple of decades or so, the amount of materials used to create clothing has skyrocketed. With the advent of polymer-based options, it has become a lot easier for companies to make their clothing in huge bulk, and this is having a huge impact on the market. But, what exactly separates the materials used in your clothing? With so many choices out there, it’s always worth making sure that you know where they all come from, and this post is here to help you out.


Natural fibres are quickly becoming some of the most popular out there, but a lot of people don’t realize exactly where they come from. Cotton, for example, comes from a plant which can be grown almost anywhere in the world. Along with this, hemp is always derived from plants, making it perfect for those looking for natural materials to drive their wardrobe. There are loads of different variations which are made from plants, and most aren’t noticeable when compared to the quality between them.


Of course, not all natural materials come from plants, and you also have to consider what animals might have on offer for you. Leather and fur both require that an animal die before they can be used, and this may put a lot of people off of them. Not all animal-based materials are bad, with some exceptions being necessary to their survival. Wool, for example, can be sheared from the sheep without any hesitation, and it doesn’t cause any long-term damage to the animal. When you’re trying something new, it’s always worth reading up to make sure that you’re taking the right action.


A large portion of the materials you find in modern stores won’t have come from a plant or animal, instead being made in a lab using resources like oil. Polyester is probably the most common of these, with a lot of today’s clothing be made using it. Unfortunately, this sort of clothing is often very sweaty, and a lot of people won’t like way that completely synthetic materials feel on their skin.


To get around this issue, it’s time to consider the world of semi-synthetics. Made from natural materials in a lab, this sort of option usually has all of the benefits you’d find from regular clothing. Of course, though, what is modal fabric? This sort of resource is made from Birch trees which grow all over the world without any threat from human activity. This makes it incredibly renewable, while also giving you the chance to wear something much lighter and breathable than man made options.


Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into your clothing and the materials it is made from. While most people will be happy to wear any fabrics, it becomes very easy to be a snob when you start to learn about them. The rich array of options available means that there’s always something for you, even if you have to work to find it.

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