How to Stay Safe When Confronted with a Rabid Dog

It is important to understand the signs of a rabid dog to avoid a bite or scratch that can lead to contamination. The rabies virus is highly contagious through openings in the skin, and a dog that has this disease might show signs of aggressiveness, but in some cases, the animal is lethargic. As the rabies virus progresses, dogs tend to salivate more, but the animal may refuse to drink water. It is possible for a dog to have this infection without any symptoms in the earliest stages, but you can still become infected.

How to Stay Safe When Confronted with a Rabid Dog
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Don’t Approach a Sleeping Dog

You might think that a sleeping dog is safe to approach, but it can become aggressive when it is touched. Stay away from a dog that is sleeping near its doghouse or underneath a tree. If you are concerned about the animal, then contact a local shelter that has the equipment required for capturing and caring for a homeless dog.

Use Caution around Female Dogs Caring for Puppies

Female dogs caring for puppies are extremely protective, and if you try to touch a puppy, then you risk a scratch or bite from the animal. It is possible for the female dog to have the rabies virus, and it is also possible for the puppies to have the infection. After contacting an animal shelter, the veterinarians can perform a blood test to determine if the animals are contaminated with the rabies virus.

Never Take Food or Toys from a Dog

Never try to take toys or food from a dog because it could attack you. It is impossible to know if a dog is infected with the rabies virus until it is tested for the disease. A dog that is chewing food or playing with toys will often salivate, making the animal look as if it has the rabies virus. If you have a strange dog near your home, then contact the local law officials who can take care of the animal.

Steps to Take When You Are Injured by a Dog

If you receive a scratch or bite from a dog, then seek medical attention immediately. The rabies virus is deadly, and the only way to save your life is by having fast medical attention with specialized injections. The authorities will capture the dog to determine if it has the rabies virus. After you begin medical treatment, contact a personal injury attorney who can seek financial reimbursement from the owner of the dangerous dog.

You should also avoid a kenneled or fenced dog that may have the rabies virus. If you are concerned that the dog doesn’t have any water or food, then contact an animal shelter. The employees who work for an animal shelter understand how to approach strange dogs, and they have the tools required to avoid a bite.

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