4 Essential Tips for Effective Anti-Aging Haircare

Wrinkles announce the passing of age for your skin and serve as reminders that you need to take better care of it. However, age-related changes in the scalp and hair are much more subtle. In order to prevent the negative effects of these changes showing on your hair (weathering and hair loss in particular) you’ll need to employ some anti-aging haircare tricks.

Anti-Aging Haircare Guide:

Things to Do and Products to Use

4 Essential Tips for Effective Anti-Aging Haircare
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  1. Massage your scalp regularly

Much like wrinkles, signs of aging on hair cannot be completely removed. Humans have yet to find a cure to aging, so for now we can only do our best to fight the biggest problems it brings. For hair this will be female pattern alopecia. This type of hair loss is permanent in the majority of cases, that’s why you should start working on preventing it as soon as possible.

Female pattern alopecia has been studied by many scientists. Their most notable findings are well summarized in an article from the International Journal of Women’s Health. The problem with this condition is that it’s impossible to cure at the moment. Not managing it effectively at the very beginning may result in permanent changes that are sure to hit your appearance and self-confidence extremely hard.

Regular scalp massages are one of the known methods of hair loss prevention. This procedure improves circulation in the scalp and helps strengthen your locks. You should massage your scalp at least once a day for about 5-10 minutes. Do this gently with your fingers or a massage hairbrush. Be careful not to ‘overdo’ it as this might damage hair follicles.

  1. Stock up on anti-aging haircare products

Popular web sources, like InStyle offer lists of top anti-aging haircare products that you can look up to get some idea on the available treatments. However, you should always research every product individually to see beyond the hype caused by promotion campaigns.

You also need to understand that not all anti-aging haircare solutions are marketed as such. For example, if you bleach your hair and tone it some silver shade, you’ll need to use specialized products like No Yellow Shampoo. This product contains a violet pigment that will prevent colored locks from turning yellow. It doesn’t directly work to slow down age-related changes. However, it reduces the frequency of bleaching, which reduces damage to your hair, which prevents an early onset of age-related scalp and hair structure changes.

In order to make your anti-aging haircare routine more effective, you’ll need products rich in antioxidants. You also should use deep conditioning treatments and other effective moisturizing methods regularly.

  1. Cut down on styling

Remember that bit about bleaching your hair less often prevents its premature aging? It’s the same for all kinds of styling, coloring, and other treatments that inevitably damage your locks.

The good news is that ‘going natural’ is an all-around trend, so you can not style your hair and still look great. In case that isn’t possible, do your best to protect your tresses. You can do this by using the least ‘harsh’ coloring treatments and cutting down on the amount of styling products.

It’s very important to use a heat-protection spray every time you use a hot iron or a hairdryer.

  1. Apply sunscreen hairspray

There are dozens of studies on the damage UV radiation does to your skin. It’s no less harmful to your hair and scalp, so protecting them from sun rays is a must.

Today you can do this by using a specialized sunscreen hairspray. You can also go the ‘classic route’ and wear a hat or any other type of head cover. This will protect you not only from the damaging UV rays but also from a heatstroke.

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