How Diabetes Affects Insurance Rates — And What You Can Do About It

Having diabetes will affect your insurance rates — but there’s still plenty you can do to enjoy access to special rates for insurance and be rewarded for taking steps to manage this disease. Test your knowledge about life insurance and living with diabetes and what it means for you when securing a new policy. Like any other person applying for insurance, some aspects that affect your premiums are in your control, and some are not. Learn what options are available to help you lower your rates today, and discover how you can get the best policy possible.

Unfortunately, some people with Type 2 diabetes don’t know what they can do to secure better rates. According to Health IQ’s recent survey, only 85 percent of men and 80 percent of women understood how this disease would affect their insurance. Moreover, only 33 percent of millennials knew how they could secure better rates even after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Considering how important life insurance is, not knowing the options available to lower your monthly premiums could leave you without adequate coverage or unable to afford life insurance at all.

Living with diabetes is a challenge, but there’s plenty you can do to secure the best rates possible for life insurance. Health IQ’s in-depth life insurance FAQ can help answer any other questions you have about insurance, including how to qualify for special rates from carriers like Assurity or Ameritas, that look beyond your diabetes at what you’re doing to stay empowered and maintain good health.

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