5 Ways To Cut Your Heating Bills

 5 Ways To Cut Your Heating Bills
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Are you spending a fortune keeping your home warm? Here are just a few ways that you could cut your heating bills and stay warm for less.


Upgrade your insulation

Keeping your home well-insulated can prevent heat from escaping and reduce your need to turn on the heating as often. There are lots of ways to insulate your home. If you’re able to invest in some major insulation work, you should consider starting with your loft as this is the biggest place where heat is lost. It could be worth hiring a professional to use blown-in insulation foam or fibreglass wool. You may also want to upgrade your doors and windows – double-glazing and UPVC frames will prevent a lot of heat loss. If you don’t have the money to do major work or live in rented property, you can still find ways to stay insulated. Small additions like winter curtains and draft excluders can help to keep your home warmer. You can even buy insulating window film to stick onto your windows and prevent heat loss.


Wrap up warm

This one may seem obvious, but few people consider it. Wearing more layers could allow you to hold out a little longer before reaching for the thermostat. You should also consider upgrading your bedding, so that you’re warmer in the night. Thick duvets and thermal mattress protectors can keep you more snug on a cold night. Meanwhile, sofa throws can help to keep your upholstery warm, whilst rugs can keep wooden flooring cosy.


Install a tankless water heater

Your heating bills could be high due to your hot water consumption. If you have an old water heater with a tank, this could be using up a lot of energy to stay heated. Switching to an electric tankless water heater could work out cheaper as this heating system only warms up water when a hot water faucet in use. Tankless water heater can be expensive to install, but worthwhile in the long run.


Monitor your gas consumption

It could be worthwhile getting a meter so that you can see exactly how much you’re spending on your energy as you’re using it. Meters can help to identify energy-hungry appliances as well as detecting leaks early. You could even consider a smart meter, which links up directly with your energy provider.


Switch to sustainable heating

You don’t have to run your heating off the mains. For example, you could consider solar heating. This involves installing solar panels on your roof which then generate electricity to be used for heating. Alternatively, you could install a woodburning stove or a biomass boiler. These use wood pellets or plant waste, which is burnt for fuel. Installing these sustainable heating systems will cost you a fair amount of money, however it’s investment that’s worth the return, potentially preventing you from ever having to pay a heating bill again.


5 Ways To Cut Your Heating Bills
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