What to Say to Your Teen When They Ask for a Motorcycle

As a parent of a teenager, their safety should be of utmost concern to you. When they start driving, they need to be minded as much as possible. It’s possible your teen doesn’t want a car. They might want something a bit more dangerous. If your teen asks for a motorcycle, you need to know what to say.

What to Say to Your Teen When They Ask for a Motorcycle
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Why Do You Want a Motorcycle?

This isn’t something that should be insulting or patronizing when asked. You need to know exactly why your teen wants a motorcycle rather than a car. Is it the price? Is it the feeling? Let them explain in their own words. They might make a convincing case or find themselves lost for reason.

Do You Understand the Risks?

Motorcycle ownership comes with all sorts of dangers. Some of the risks come from personal irresponsibility from the rider. They’ll drive intoxicated or without a helmet. Others come from other drivers. They’ll be changing lanes without a proper blind spot check or opening doors without looking. Your teen needs to be 100 percent alert while riding a motorcycle.

Will You Talk to a Motorcycle Lawyer?

Due to the risks of motorcycle riding, there are plenty of lawyers involved in accident cases. While these people might not ever get on motorcycles, they have a great understanding of the dangers. Have your teen speak to them about their cases and what clients have gone through. It can really drive home just how dangerous operating a motorcycle can be. Professionals, like those at Carlson, Blau & Clemens, know that it’s not about fear-mongering. It’s about making your teen understand just how much responsibility is being given to them.

Yes or No

The final decision ultimately comes down to you. If you believe your teen has shown that they can be trusted with a motorcycle, you can tell them yes. On the other hand, they might not have shown enough maturity or reason to get one. You might also just feel too concerned about their safety. They may be upset over this, but you shouldn’t feel bad about this. It’s your concern for their safety that’s ultimately influencing your decision. If they want a motorcycle, they can make that decision when they’re older.

It can be scary to think about your teen riding a motorcycle. After all, they can be involved in lots of dangerous situations. Use your best critical thinking skills to decide whether to get your teen a motorcycle.

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