How to Plan for a Bird Watching Tour

Taking a birding trip to a new locale is always exciting. You not only get to enjoy taking photos of various birds but also take in the expanse. As a passionate bird watcher, there is a good chance you love getting to legendary birding spots that you hear about on the media or from friends. To get the most from these trips, it is good to plan sufficiently. Here are a few things you should consider doing when getting ready for a bird watching tour.

How to Plan for a Bird Watching Tour
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Pick a destination 

The first thing you need to do is to determine whether the tour will involve you covering a lot of ground or just visiting a single site. This will help with packing, budgeting, and making reservations. To get the most fun, it is always good to research your destination thoroughly. Understand the weather, best birding spots, neighborhoods and so on. The more you know about a place, the better you will be able to plan.

Study the regional field guide

It pays to know the type of birds you can expect in your birding destination. The Internet has innumerable resources that you can use. One thing you can’t ignore is the regional field guides. They exist for almost every part of the world. Even experienced birders take the time to research their target destination to get an idea of what to expect.

Compile a ‘hit list’ for your target birds 

When planning a birding tour, it pays to come up with a hit list. This should be a list of the birds you want to see. The best thing about this list is that it will help you determine whether Costa Rica bird watching tours will be the best choice or not. Your list will help you narrow down your choice of destinations so that you focus on the ones that have the birds you are after. You also need to consider the time of year. Birds do migrate. You don’t want to spend hours travelling to a destination only to find that the birds you are after aren’t in the place at that time of year.

Consult local resources 

There is obviously a state, local or regional bird club in the destination you are considering. You should get in touch with the local bird lovers. You will find forums online. Connecting with these persons will help you identify the best time for bird watching and also the best spot. Birders seem eager to help other birders all over the world; don’t ignore them.

Gather your gear 

You need the right gear for your tour to be a success. Start by understanding the climate and weather then pack accordingly. Ensure you have the right footwear. Critical gear may include lip balm, sunscreen, a pair of binoculars, an optics cleaning kit, an emergency medical kit, a camera and other personal stuff.

Bird watching is usually fun. You only need to plan well in advance to avoid the last minute rush. Joining a birding team will make the experience even better. Don’t be too focused on birding alone.

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