How to Party Like a 21-year Old When You Are Over 25

When you reach 25, you will experience that you are more used to a daily routine, and all-nighter parties take more out of you. If you would still like to enjoy parties and nights out, you can, if you adjust to the requirements of your body. You cannot stay young and foolish forever, and it is important that you will look after your body and soul at the same time. Below you will find a few tips on how to party like a college kid over 25.

Stay Comfortable

How to Party Like a 21-year Old When You Are Over 25
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You shouldn’t overdo makeup and accessories. Simply try to look natural and stay comfortable. You might not be able to wear high heels all night without getting a painful heel or a back problem in the office the next day. You might want to check out offering comfort insoles for nights out, to fit stilettos and flat court shoes as well. If your feet are comfortable, you can dance all night just like back at college.  

Sleep Ahead

If you are working regular hours, and have a set sleep pattern, it might be time to take a few hours out of your schedule, and sleep before the party. This will allow you to stay up longer without having to drink gallons of coffee. If you cannot take time off in the day for a beauty sleep, stay in bed for a bit longer in the morning, so you are ready for the noisy party and the dance floor.

Work Out

If you haven’t been out dancing for a long time, you might be out of routine. A good idea might be to dance while you are doing the household chores for a few days before the party, and work out to become as flexible as you were at 18. This will not only allow you to do all the dance moves you love, but also to avoid injuries and pulled muscles, which can be extremely embarrassing. If you are attending a bachelorette party, go to the gym for a few weeks before.

Eat Healthy

How to Party Like a 21-year Old When You Are Over 25
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To make sure your body is ready for the challenge, you might want to eat healthy before you attend. You must also have a filling meal before you head out to the party. You might not be able to start with cocktails on an empty stomach like you used to when you were at college. To avoid indigestion and heartburn after, eat pasta, rice, or fish before you go to the party.

Stay Flexible

Young people don’t like planning every detail. If you don’t like the first club you visit, you should have a plan B, or randomly look for another venue, and don’t be afraid of trying new things. After all, your goal is to feel careless, young, and bohemian again while having a great time with your friends.


Whether you are a young mother with kids or a working professional, you might need more time to get your body and mind ready for a wild party. Stay comfortable, flexible, and make sure that you don’t turn up tired. Get your beauty sleep, and don’t turn up with an empty stomach.

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