4 Things To Do With Your Spare Room

It’s surprisingly common how many people have a spare room in their home. For whatever reason, you’ve ended up with a room that’s not really got any purpose. It may have always been that way, or perhaps your parents stayed in that room but are now sadly too old to visit anymore – there are loads of reasons you end up with a room with no purpose.


Well, it’s time to give that room some purpose once more! If you’ve been looking at your spare room trying to figure out what you can turn it into, then have a look at some of the ideas down below:

 4 Things To Do With Your Spare Room
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Transform It Into A Cinema

There are few things as nice as sitting down with your family and watching a movie. I love going to the cinema with my family, but it can be a lot of effort, and cost loads of money. So, why don’t you bring the cinema to your family home? Transform your spare room into a home cinema, and you can all snuggle up and watch your favorite films in style.


The key to this room design is creating an immersive cinema experience. This starts with a big projector to watch movies on. These days, you can get some that look almost as good as actual cinema screens. To add to this, you need a surround sound system that provides you with 360 degrees of high-quality audio. Then, it’s all about the seats. A nice big sofa is a great idea, or you could buy individual armchairs if you feel like going the extra mile. I love the second option, imagine getting a few big armchairs that recline, it’ll be amazing, and so cozy! Finally, work on making the room as dark as can be, for the ultimate cinema experience. Thick curtains work well to block light out from any windows, and you should consider tinting the windows as well.

Turn It Into A Personal Library

I love the idea of turning your spare room into a personal library. Too many people forget how important it is to read, mainly because we never find the time to do so. Or, more accurately, we never have anywhere quiet enough to sit down and read. But, with a personal library, you can create the ultimate reading environment.


Cover the walls with bookcases that you can fill with all your favourite books. It’s also a good idea to get some kids books for your children to read as well. Then, it’s all about comfort. Find furniture that feels relaxing to sit in, and inspires you to lay there reading for hours. For me, a lovely big bean bag is a brilliant choice. Combine this with a colorful bean bag cover, and you make the room look nice and feel very relaxing. Get a few bean bags in there so multiple people can use the room at once. Also, maybe find a nice little desk and chair if you prefer reading at a desk. Finally, try and soundproof the room, so it’s always nice and quiet inside.


 4 Things To Do With Your Spare Room
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Make It Your Home Office/Study

If you’re one of the many people that work from home, then this is the perfect idea for you. A home office gives you somewhere to sit and work during the day. It’s way more comfortable than trying to work in your bedroom or at your kitchen table. What’s more, it allows you to create a professional environment to work in as well. This inspires you to be a lot more productive during the day! Of course, even if you don’t work from home, this is still a great idea. We all have work we need to do out of the office from time to time, and this is a great place to do it without distractions. Alternatively, you can set up the same type of room, but use it as a study for your children to do homework in or revise for exams.


The main theme of this room should be productivity. Everything you put in it should be designed to make you more productive. I suggest getting an ergonomic workstation set up. You need a nice chair and desk, along with something to raise your computer, so the screen is at eye level. Working in an ergonomic setting helps avoid distractions and get more work done. Then, you need all the other office extras such as a printer/scanner, and possibly even a mini fridge to keep snacks in and save you from visiting the kitchen. To round things off, get yourself a coffee machine too.

Create A Children’s Play Area

Finally, this one is for any parents out there that can’t cope with how much mess their children make. Kids can leave their toys all over the place as they move around the house playing games. But, with this idea, you can confine their playtime to one room. Create a children’s play area, and they have their own little space to let their imagination run wild.


Bringing this idea to life is fairly simple. To start, design the room, so it’s very child-friendly and full of lovely bright and vibrant colors. Then, obviously, you need to put all their toys in the room. Think about getting storage boxes, chests, and containers to keep everything neatly organized. The flooring is very important too, make sure you get some nice soft carpet, so your kids don’t get hurt. The beauty of this room is that you can adapt it when your children get older. They grow out of certain toys, but you can change the room to suit their needs. So, when they’re in their teenage years, you can turn it into a games room with an Xbox or whatever.


Any of these ideas will be a welcome addition to your home. Think about which idea will bring you the most benefits. If you have young children, then the fourth idea is the best. If you work from home, then the third idea is perfect, and so on. It’s all about you! Regardless of what you choose, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your spare room is finally seeing some proper use!

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