Happily Ever After: Rekindling The Spark In Your Relationship

When you first fall in love, you think your relationship will last forever. Each day goes by like the most wonderful dream, and you will think life will never get any better. And then the bickering begins, the other person’s bad habits get on your nerves, and life takes over, giving you less time to share the love you have for each other. You aren’t alone; this happens in every relationship. Still, there are way to rekindle your love. Here are some of the ways in which you can go about it.

Happily Ever After: Rekindling The Spark In Your Relationship
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Plan a date night – Despite the busyness of your life, you should always make room for date night in your calendar. Whether you go out for a meal or enjoy an intimate dinner at home, spend time with each other being flirty and playful, and enjoy the benefits of each other’s company away from your usual distractions.


Spend time away together – Whether it’s a weekend away or a full-blown holiday, spend time away from home in another place. You might want to return to the place where you first met, or go back to that place you enjoyed on honeymoon. You might even visit a romantic city. These are the 75 best things to do in Paris, for example, where you can soak in the atmosphere and the laid-back culture in this so-called ‘city of love.’


Show compassion – It’s easy to get used to each other’s company, and we can sometimes lose our patience a little too often, make digging remarks, or become resentful of the other person. Overcome such negativity and show more compassion. Be patient, not letting the other person’s bad habits get to you. Be kind, doing little things for that other person, whether they notice it or not. Be positive within your words, offering encouragement and support, instead of put-downs and criticisms. This is what compassion is all about.


Have an early night once in a while – By this, we aren’t talking about getting a few extra hours of sleep. If your relationship consists of too many late nights, you will go to bed tired and resistant to any sexual activity. To overcome this, designate some bedroom time, lock the doors and have some fun together. If this means getting the kids out of the house to stay with the in-laws, then so be it.


Touch each other more – No matter what time of day it is, be spontaneous and give each other the occasional kiss, cuddle, or pinch on the bum. Offer an encouraging arm when the other person needs support, and hold hands when out on a walk together. Touching releases a bonding hormone, and it will bring you closer together. Literally!


Say ‘I Love You’ – Three simple words, but we don’t say it often enough. Hopefully, the other person will already know you love them, but the words can hold special meaning when spoken aloud. So say them when you are lying in bed, say them when you are outside of the house, and say them after an argument, because in the good times and the bad times, it’s good to remind each other that you still hold that deep affection.


Final word

Relationships are great until they aren’t, but it is possible to reignite the spark of passion that sometimes flickers out. We hope you found our advice helpful, but if you have any tips to share with our readers, please let us know.

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