Self-Support For Those Living Alone With Anxiety

Mental health issues often start when you’re young. Something may have happened to you when you were young that unfortunately, you haven’t been able to shrug off into adulthood. You’re not alone; there are so many people that suffer from mental health concerns. In fact, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest almost all human beings will have one mental health condition at one time in their lives. Anxiety is incredibly common, especially among those who are naturally introverted. Women especially often feel as if their emotions cause them to look at the world differently. Living alone is both freedom and a burden if anxiety is a part of your mental makeup. Not having someone close to you for support can exacerbate the problem. However, there are some common self-support actions you can make.


Writing down your thoughts

If you go back into the early stages of when blogging become popular on the internet, it was mostly for people wanting a virtual diary. As with anything that becomes very well-liked among the masses, there suddenly sprouted a worldwide community. Setting up a blog for you to write posts about your fears and anxieties is a great therapeutic technique. You’re putting down something that is tangible in a way, something you can see and reflect upon. On top of this, with modern features on blogs, you can become involved in groups of people that are just like you. Sharing your feelings and perhaps getting feedback can help to soothe your worries.


 Self-Support For Those Living Alone With Anxiety
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Kindred spirits

For those living alone, coming home to an empty apartment or house can only be tolerated for so long. Even if you’re not ready or want to be in a relationship, having another being, there is comforting. However, not everyone is so outgoing or lives in a neighborhood where friends can be made so easily. In that case getting a pet such as a cat can actually be quite consoling. Yet there are barriers to this, such as some landlords won’t allow tenants to have pets. However, there is a way around this by registering your pet as a service cat which helps with your mental stability. They will be then seen as an animal that gives your emotional support and helpful to your particular condition. Don’t be alarmed; your pet won’t be made to register on any legal database. The company has a 99% success rate with the registry, so chances of your cat being accepted as a special pet are very high.


 Self-Support For Those Living Alone With Anxiety
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Become physically active  

Scientists and psychologists pretty much have a clear picture as to why physical activity helps to clear the mind. It could be due to the fact that the body works to clean out toxins and chemicals that are noted to cause or aid depression in prolonging. However psychologically, you get to think about things while you’re working toward a goal. The overall goal is to get fitter and healthier, but the underlying effect is you get to see yourself progress. This builds confidence and reassurance that you’re capable of hardship when you set your mind to it.


Living alone with anxiety problems is no walk in the park. It’s time to do something about it. When you can formulate your thoughts and the reasons why you’re feeling anxious about life, you’re letting it out as opposed to bottling it up. You may even meet people through your blogging who are similar in character. If a pet cat would help your nerves to calm down, register them as an emotional support animal. This way you cannot get kicked out of apartments that have a no pets allowed policy.

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