Learn How to Create a Timeless Wardrobe

Having a great wardrobe is important but stocking it with items that you’re really going to wear is essential. Over time, the clothing that we wear changes as we gain or lose weight, age, or as styles change within the beauty community. Fortunately, there are a few staple pieces of clothing that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Learn which pieces you need to have in your closet in the guide that follows.

Learn How to Create a Timeless Wardrobe
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Have a Few Pairs of Great Shoes

Shoe styles change frequently, but some styles are timeless. A great pair of cowgirl boots is a must in every lady’s closet. Choose a pair that features a neutral color, so you can wear them with many different outfits. A pair of black or brown sandals or flip-flops are essential during the summer months. You also need a pair of comfortable tennis shoes when you plan to do a lot of walking throughout the day.

Invest in a Few Basic T-Shirts

Cotton, solid colored t-shirts should be in your closet. The t-shirts can be worn casually or with a great skirt to dress up the look a bit. The t-shirts need to fit you well though. A shirt that is too tight leaves you too exposed, while a shirt that’s too loose looks frumpy and unkempt.

Purchase a Few Comfortable Dresses

Many women make the mistake of investing in numerous dresses to have for different occasions. That’s not needed and a waste of money. Instead, invest in a sundress that’s light and comfortable to wear in the summer. Invest in a little black dress that can be worn with a light jacket or a dress shirt over it when you want to change up the look. You should also own at least one formal dress that you can wear to a wedding. Unless you have a job that requires you to wear a dress every day, multiple dresses simply aren’t needed in your wardrobe.

Have a Pair of Well-Fitting Jeans

Jeans are a staple in every wardrobe because they can be worn on so many different occasions. The jeans should fit you comfortably and be the right length for you. If the jeans gap at the waistband when you sit down or bend over, they need to be tailored. If the jeans go past your ankles, have the tailor shorten them, as well. A great fitting pair of jeans creates a sophisticated look.

Have a Stylish Purse

The best accessory you can add to any outfit is a great purse. Don’t be afraid to invest in a boldly colored purse. That can be the statement piece that you add to your outfit to bring everything together. Choose a purse that’s large enough to fit everything you need to carry in it and ensure that it has a closure, so nothing falls out when you carry it.

Take the time to go through your closet and pair different items together to create numerous outfits with the clothing you own. This allows you to make the most of your wardrobe and reduce the amount of money you spend on clothing. Pairing outfits with unique jewelry and hair accessories can create an entirely new look and help you to feel more confident when you go out. Knowing that you look great in your clothing is important.

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