Let Your True Self Out! 4 Unique Ways to Embrace Your Inner Nerd

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Nerdiness is gaining in mainstream popularity, much to the joy of nerds everywhere. In fact, you may already be a nerd and not even know it. If you are ready to let your true self out, consider these four unique ways to embrace your inner nerd.

Use Tumblr

The blogging site Tumblr is popular among nerds in particular, even compared to other social media sites. On it, users run a blog (or multiple blogs) where they can post pictures, text and video. Users interact by marking posts as your favorite and reposting posts to their own blog, perhaps with added comments of their own. It is a great place to connect with other nerds, show off your fan works and see what other fans have created. Nerds call other social media sites home as well, but Tumblr is undoubtedly the nerdiest of them all.

Wear Nerdy Clothing

Trendy clothing and accessories help you showcase your inner nerd to the world. You can wear them at conventions, movie screenings or other nerdy gatherings. You could also simply wear them on a normal day. For example, if you are into Dragon Ball Z, you could find and wear Capsule Corp clothing to broadcast your passion. You could wear Harry Potter gear to show off which Hogwarts House you would be in. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Go to Conventions

Conventions have long been places where nerds can gather, meet other nerds and geek out together. You can even meet the creators, writers, artists and actors of the works you love. Conventions for both famous properties such as Star Trek and smaller fandoms such as The Vampire Diaries exist. Conventions for special interests, such as anime, also exist. Make preparations, such as travel plans and a schedule, before setting off.

Create Fan Works

One of the best ways to interact with your favorite fictional works is to create more of it. Two of the most popular are fan art and fan fiction. Fan fiction in particular allows you to take your favorite characters and universes and imagine them in new and exciting ways. You can also create costumes of your favorite characters to wear at conventions. Creating things relating to your fandom is an excellent way for meeting other fans and geeking out about the things you love. Besides, if you are an aspiring artist, the practice is very helpful.

You don’t have to be a closeted nerd any longer. Take these suggestions and use them to fully embrace your inner nerd. There are a lot more of you than you might think.

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