Is There An Easy Way To Lose Weight?

Are you finding weight loss too hard? As with many challenges, weight loss is all about working smart and not necessarily working hard. Whilst the traditional weight loss methods may work for some people, you may be able to find methods of your own that are more enjoyable and easier to keep up. Here are just a few ways that you can make losing weight simpler.  

Is There An Easy Way To Lose Weight?
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Start combining exercise with activities you love

Exercise doesn’t have to be a gruelling chore. Whilst some people may enjoy jogging in the rain or being shouted at in a boot camp, these methods may not necessarily motivate you.


Exercise is something that you can do pretty much anywhere with the right amount of creativity. You don’t have to journey out to the gym or even leave the house. If you find yourself skipping exercise to catch up on your favourite TV shows, why not combine the two activities instead? There are lots of exercises that you can do in front of the TV from squats to weight training to running on a treadmill. Sites like detail some of these exercises. Similarly, if you love gaming, you may be able to do this whilst cycling on an exercise bike. There are also many interactive video games nowadays that can help you lose weight – the competitive gaming aspect could make your more motivated.


You may be able to find other joint purposes to exercise to make it more fun. Jogging or cycling could be an opportunity to explore areas of natural beauty nearby, you could combine it with walking the dog or you could listen to music whilst you exercise. This other focus may spur you on.  


Say no to complex healthy meals and extreme diets

Dieting also doesn’t have to be a chore. Extreme diets that require you to live off soup or eat miniscule portions can be demotivating as they take away all the joy of eating food. Such diets have also been found to be bad for our mental health, as well as negatively impacting our metabolism and making it easier to gain weight the diet is over.


Diets should still give you a certain degree of freedom so that they don’t feel like as much of a chore. Rather than giving up certain foods, focus on replacing these foods with healthy substitutes such as coconut oil fries, banana pancakes and kombucha instead of regular soft drinks. Similarly you may not need to reduce portions massively – by eating the same amount of food but with healthy substitutes you could make just as much of an impact.


By the same token, healthy meals don’t have to be difficult to prepare. Not everyone has the patience to cook meals from scratch with twenty ingredients and two hours prep time. Sites like offer some simple and healthy meals that can be done in less than 40 minutes. There are also lots of healthy premade meals out there in which all the work is done for you. By taking less time and effort to prepare, you could find yourself being more motivated to eat these healthy foods.


What about surgery and pills?

Weight loss surgery and slimming pills shouldn’t be viewed as the easy way out. In the case of surgery, it can often be expensive to get a gastric sleeve procedure, although there are more affordable options out there at sites such as In both cases, you still need to exercise and diet. Many weight loss operations require you to lose weight by natural methods first, or at the very least show proof that you’ve attempted to lose weight naturally. Weight loss pills meanwhile are meant to be consumed as an accompaniment to exercise and dieting. Surgery and pills can certainly speed up the process, but shouldn’t be viewed as a no effort approach to weight loss.


Make sacrifices you can keep

In order to successfully keep the weight off, you need to make some permanent sacrifices. These need to be sacrifices that you can keep and so shouldn’t be too extreme. Many crash diets and forms of extreme exercise aren’t healthy long-term solutions and aren’t particularly motivational. Focus on small sacrifices such as having one less sugar in your coffee or walking locally more. Some extreme cutbacks can be healthy – giving up smoking and drinking less for example won’t just help you to lose weight, they could also improve your health in many other ways. When giving up these unhealthy habits, it’s best to take a new healthy pastime in their place. Chewing gum or vaping instead of smoking can feel less like a major sacrifice because you’re filling the emptiness with a new habit, making it easier to keep off the cigarettes.  


Start focusing on the positives of dieting and exercise

Rather than looking for an easy way out, it could be worth considering your mindset. Many of us see dieting and exercise as a negative thing because we focus on the things that we’re having to give up. We may resent not being able to eat certain foods or not being able to put our feet up on the couch. Rather than focusing on what you’re losing, try focusing on what you’re gaining from exercise and dieting. On top of the physical health benefits, walking more instead of driving and eating healthy could be saving you money as well as improving your mental health. Start focusing on these positives, and you could find yourself getting more of a kick out of healthy eating and exercise rather than perceiving these as chores. Things are often only difficult if we don’t enjoy them. By seeing the positive side, you may find yourself starting to relish the challenge.

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