Make Your Guests Say ‘Wow’ With An Ultra-Expensive Home Aesthetic

Make Your Guests Say 'Wow' With An Ultra-Expensive Home Aesthetic
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Are you thinking about completing home renovations? Home renovations can be a fantastic way to reinvent and reinvigorate your home. If you don’t have particular design ideas in mind, you may want to consider redesigning your home to make it look as expensive and impressive as possible. There are a variety of ways to do this and it brings enormous benefits. Firstly, it will allow you to easily impress your guests as soon as they walk through the door. If you want guests to say ‘wow’ when they enter your home, this is the way to do it. As well as that, building your home to look expensive adds value to the property and will no doubt lead to greater offers when it comes time to sell.


You might think that making your home look ultra expensive is going to be expensive in itself. But that’s perhaps not quite true. Indeed, there are lots of ways to make a house look luxe that will fit into virtually any budget. So, let’s look at some of the possibilities and ensure that you have a home guaranteed to impress.


What Are The Key Areas

Make Your Guests Say 'Wow' With An Ultra-Expensive Home Aesthetic
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Undoubtedly, the key areas to focus on will be the kitchen and the bathroom. These are the rooms that draw the most attention from guests and indeed buyers. You need to make sure that these rooms are styled to stun.


To keep this cheap, use materials that look expensive but are actually cheap. For instance, you can decorate your kitchen countertops in a material that looks like marble but is nowhere near as expensive. You might even want to think about matching the floors in the same way. It’s always a smart idea to match the materials as this makes a room look like it has been designed by a professional. This is always going to mean that it looks more expensive. You can think about aiming for a contemporary design in the kitchen as well and do consider investing in the latest tech.


There’s plenty of tech on the market that will look absolutely stunning as part of a contemporary kitchen and is completely affordable like a heat induction hob. These devices are smooth and minimalistic, fitting perfectly into a modern luxe countertop.


Think about the furniture you’re using in this room too. You can buy faux leather high chairs if you have a breakfast bar or island at prices that are more than reasonable. If you are interested in this possibility, do make sure that you look online at shops that offer wholesale products. With plenty to choose from you are sure to be able to find some that match the design of your room perfectly.


What about the bathroom? Again, modern features can be purchased and with a contemporary design your bathroom will look luxurious and expensive. You could buy an elegant freestanding bathtub. This can be the centrepiece of the room and be framed beautifully with different pieces of furniture and accessories.


If you want an extra tip, consider adding a coating of epoxy resin to the tiles or the floor of your bathroom. This will give the surface the look of glass or indeed water, and that type of aesthetic is going to look tremendous, particularly under the right lighting.


If you want your bathroom to look expensive, one design idea trumps the rest. You should aim to clash dark shades with bright creams. White and black contrast beautifully in a bathroom and will make your bathroom look like that of a stunning, stylish, high-class hotel. Consider aiming for the unexpected here too with dark panels or tiles on the walls and cream tiles on the floor.


As well as this, you can add little details and accessories that look more expensive than they are like heated rails for the towels. While these might look like a high-class purchase, they are actually ultra-affordable on the market.


Keeping Things Sparse

Make Your Guests Say 'Wow' With An Ultra-Expensive Home Aesthetic
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For the overall design of your own home, you should aim for minimalism. You want your home to look like that of a show house. A property that you might see in a decor magazine. This is exactly the type of effect that you will achieve with a minimalistic design. You need to think about making sure that the rooms are open and spacious. We’ve already briefly touched on this idea with the bathroom. By having a freestanding tub, you will have a lot of room to move around in in every part of the room but what about the rest of the home? Well, you can think about adding laminate flooring to each room. By doing this, you can take the texture away from a design that can intrude upon the space. You should also think about the type of furniture that your purchase.


Purchasing high furniture on legs will keep the ground free and clear which is exactly what you want.


What About The Walls?

Make Your Guests Say 'Wow' With An Ultra-Expensive Home Aesthetic
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You might think that the best way to make your home look expensive would be to dress up the walls as much as possible, but this isn’t the case at all. Instead, you should aim to add a few pieces of large modern art to one wall of each room in your home. Or even just a few select rooms. By doing this, you can use the art sparingly to give the home some much-needed character and make sure that the walls do not look bare. As for the colour of the walls, it’s always best to stick with light shades. The reason for this is that the home will once again look open and larger than it perhaps is. A few well-placed mirrors can have a similar effect so you may want to think about adding a few to the walls in the hallways.  


We hope you see now that there are a few key ways to make your home look ultra expensive. By doing this, you’ll impress your guests and if you are putting your home on the market, make sure it sells fast.

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