7 Tips for Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party

Kid’s birthday parties are increasingly becoming advanced these days. They even overwhelm parents when it comes to planning all the details required to set up a perfect party. Besides just cutting the cake, Yabadoo! entertainers attend birthday parties to entertain guests with a flurry of kids-centered activities.  If you are looking to throw a great birthday party for your little one, here are some tips you’ll find useful during the planning process:

7 Tips for Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party
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  1. Pick a venue for the birthday party

You need to make a decision on where you will host your kid’s party – is it going to be in your home or outside the home environment. If you are thinking of an outdoor event, you may consider kid’s facilities that offer themed parties and manage the entire planning process for you. If are a creative person who has the time to organize details such as favors, activities, décor and food and you enjoy planning events, then you can work with a home party. If not, then you are better off outsourcing so you don’t go through the stress associated with planning the party.

  1. Start planning early

Advance planning is important, particularly when you are throwing an outdoor party away from your home. Ideally, you need to start planning for the part about eight weeks to the event. Ensure that you pick a theme for the party as this will help you in determining the kind of décor, activities, favors and cake you use during the event. If the child you are throwing the party for is old enough, involve him or her in identifying the theme. Even so, you need to bear in mind that you are beginning to make plans weeks in advance and the interests for kids tend to change frequently. As such, ensure that the theme you pick will remain popular for the kid at the time of the party.

  1. Consider the timing

The time you hold the birthday party for your child should be informed by your child’s date of birth and not when guests are available. This is because your kid should be in the best mood. Also consider the time of day, you are better off throwing the party at a time when they are well rested so they can be able to have fun throughout the party. It is best to limit the birthday party to a maximum of two hours so that kids can have enough time to engage in birthday activities and also eat. If the party runs for a longer time, you risk experiencing meltdowns from the kids as well as their parents.

7 Tips for Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party
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  1. Send invitations early

When you are inviting guests, it is best to deliver invitations about four weeks ahead of the party. In the invitation, be sure to include an RSVP date of about 10 days before the party date. You can use invitation sites such as Paperless Post and Evite to track responses from guests. Two weeks to the event, send an email or invite reminder to guest who have not confirmed as parents can get busy and find it hard to track their schedules. Try as much as possible to know how many guests will be attending the party at least 10 days ahead of the party so you can prepare adequate food as well as favors.

  1. Make simple food

Instead of making complicated foods that cost so much and take a lot of time, consider making simple foods for your guests. Cake and pizza are some the most common and easiest food options that you can serve the guests who grace your kid’s party. Most kids have nut allergies so it is best to avoid including those in the list of foods for the party. However, if you opt to serve nuts, consider keeping the quantity low.

  1. Get a little creative

If your kid has many toys and you opt to try something else for gifts during the year, add some creativity by guiding your guests to bring different kinds of gifts. For instance, you could opt for a book exchange and ask every guest attending the party to bring a book in the place of a gift. During gift time, get each guest to bring a book and get a new one to leave the party with.

  1. Track gifts

As you open gifts, create a list so you know what each guest gave your kid. Such a list enables to develop individualized thank you notes for your guests. You can opt to develop a collage of photos taken during the birthday party on a photo card and send that out to your guests as a thank you. When you have list of guests in place, this will certainly be easier to do.

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