4 Signs You Desperately Need More Alone Time

Not everybody enjoys spending time alone; we get it! Some of us are the proverbial social butterflies, fluttering from one person to the next trying to find a little bit of company. We enjoy workplace banter, fun with our friends, and the valuable time we spend with our families. On the other hand, we may prefer alone time. We function better when we are in our own company, and need little more than a good book or a Netflix binge to keep us entertained. Extroverts or introverts, we do what makes us feel good. However…

4 Signs You Desperately Need More Alone Time
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It doesn’t matter what end of the social scale you find yourself on; there are times when your mind and body will tell you it is time to be alone. For the extrovert among you, this will be more difficult for you to achieve than those who call themselves introverts. But listen up. There is nothing wrong with having some time by yourself, and if any of the following signs are true to you, then it’s time to schedule in some of that alone time today.


Sign #1: You are always feeling tired

We have put this at the top of the list because your exhausted feelings will trigger some of the other items we mention. You may have had your requisite hours of beauty sleep, but sometimes the constant company of others can drain you of your energy. When you are feeling tired, your body is asking you to stop. So, give yourself a break, take a nap, and have some alone time for a while.


Sign #2: You hate it when your phone rings

If your body and mind go into meltdown when the phone rings, or a text and social media alert chime, you know you are in a position where you just don’t want to talk to anybody. And that’s fine; you don’t have to be glued to your phone 24/7. If you want to be off the radar every so often, turn your phone off, or tell people you don’t want to be disturbed. If they love you, they will understand.


Sign #3: You want to take time off work

There are some jobs that require a lot of people time, and that can eventually get on top of us. Burnout in social work, teaching, and community jobs is common, so it’s little wonder many people are often phoning in work on the sick, or who wake up feeling dread at the thought of going into work again. In either case, it’s important to pace yourself. If your job is demanding and people-intensive, then scheduling in some alone time after work is perfectly natural – you need to re-energize after all. Taking more vacation time will help as well.


Sign #4: Your anxiety levels are through the roof

If you are constantly busy, in the company of others nearly 24/7, and feeling the effects of tiredness, you will get burnout and in the process, anxiety. It’s a medical condition that reminds us it’s time to slow down, find some peace and quiet, and be alone without the interference of others. You know you’re anxious when you start snapping at people, or you go out of your way to avoid talking to them. If anxiety is something common to you, find a place of calm, practice a form of meditation, and start saying ‘no’ to further demands on your time.


Final word

So, how are you feeling today? If any of the above resonated with you, take that step to find some alone time for yourself. Whether you rest or take part in a quiet hobby, use the time to get your energy back. You will feel better about your life and other people later. Take care, and thanks for reading!

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