Calling All Princess Brides: Here’s How To Feel Regal On Your Wedding Day!

Time and time again we hear women requesting to feel so special on their wedding day that they feel like a princess. To get this feeling isn’t always easy though, as there are a lot of factors that have to come together and be right to achieve it. Luckily, we have put together a guide on just how to do this below. Read on to find out more.


Get a princess dress.

Now, what you may think of as a princess dress is the one that makes you feel the most special. Although, it’s always worth checking out a ball gown style dress or two with a fitted bodice as well. These are what is traditionally known as princess dresses because they mirror the old historical dresses that we see in movies and cartoons.


Of course, you can get a ballgown shaped dress with a modern touch, as well as ones designed for the more traditional bride. A good example being the blue floral number with sheers panels designed by Randy from Say Yes to The Dress you can see in the video below.


Get married in a castle.

Calling All Princess Brides: Here’s How To Feel Regal On Your Wedding Day!
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What better way to feel like a princess on your big day than to tie the knot and have your reception in a castle? To do this you may think you have to go all the way to Europe where the original castles were built, but this isn’t the case.


In fact, you can pick a venue like the one at in Canada. A location that makes it possible to choosing a venue that is sure to impress your guests, as well as give you that magical and royal atmosphere you are looking for way more accessible for many brides.


Wear a crown.

Calling All Princess Brides: Here’s How To Feel Regal On Your Wedding Day!
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What do princesses wear? Crowns, so why not take on this tradition and wear one on your wedding day?


A crown accessory is not something that is too hard to track down either with many bridal shops stocking ones like the examples at made from metal or crystal that can be teamed with a veil for a truly regal look.


Then there’s the very popular boho trend of a flower crown for the more boho princess. There are even fantasy elven type crowns if you are not happy just being a princess but also want to emulate on if your favorite movie or video game characters as well on your big day.


Walk the red carpet.

Lastly, don’t forget to roll out the red carpet if you truly want to feel like royalty on your big day. This is something that you can usually request from your venue, and as it’s pretty standard practice, you probably won’t have to pay too much extra to have it done either.


Although, if you want things to be super special, you can even ask them to put red carpet out down the centre of the aisle for your bridal march. An effect that looks quite magical, especially with glass enclosed candles lining the borders, and will make you feel like the princess you are on your most special of days!

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