This is The Secrets To An Understated Elegant Wedding

All many happy couples want for their big day is a classy wedding without it being too over the top. Sounds easy, but achieving this vibe can be harder than you think. With that in mind we have written this short guide about how you can ensure your wedding is luxe without being gauche, so read on for the secret to understated elegance.


Less is more when it comes to the dress

It is easy to get carried away with beadwork, lace, tulle, ruffles and pickups when choosing a dress. Then there are all the belts, tiaras, and accessories you can get as well. However, the real secret to an understated and elegant wedding dress is simplicity.

This is The Secrets To An Understated Elegant Wedding
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Pick a gown that is simple, and that fits you like a glove. In fact, make sure that your dress is one that maximizes your best features and that you are the one wearing the dress and it’s not wearing you.


Also, for a truly elegant feel pick a dress that has simple lines and minimal decoration anywhere else. Then you can look your most elegant while being super classy and understated at the same time.


Pick the perfect venue

Of course, getting the perfect dress is only part of the story as you need to pick the perfect venue as well. For an elegant ambiance pick a venue that has high ceilings like the location you can find at, as well as quality finishes such as chandeliers that will add a little pizzazz to your day.


Just remember to balance out these luxe features with a minimal or monotone colors scheme. In fact, flowers and decorations in a single colour can create a very classy feel for your venue. Especially if you use this colour scheme through the whole wedding including the groom’s suit accents and the bridesmaid dresses.


Pick simple, delicious food

Another area that you must pay attention to if you want to achieve this sort of wedding is the food that you serve. Stay away from the traditional chicken, beef, and fish set meals and go for something else instead.


Small, tasty hors-d’oeuvres served during cocktail hour can be an elegant way of keeping your guests’ hunger at bay. Then for the main meal picking a locally sourced quality meat option served with delicious vegetable sides, and artisan bread, as this is a much more unstated and elegant way to eat.


Focus on the sentiment

Lastly, for a truly elegant yet understated wedding make sure that the focus of the day is on the right things. This means that the sentiment and promises you are making to one another should take centre stage, with the more material side of the wedding being in the background.


After all, the most of the elements that make up a wedding are only a backdrop to the event itself and the emotional meaning behind it. Therefore by keeping things in their correct place, you can guarantee that your wedding will not only be elegant and emotional but understated as well.

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