Tips and Tricks to Get a Beautiful Wine Glass with Name Engraved

It is a treat to watch a wine glass with name engraved because they are stylish and curvy. You can have them customized by adding messages for gifting to your loved ones as well. There are numerous options for the users and they can make their choice according to their requirements and specifications. The laser engraving technology plays a very important in depicting amazing figures and logos on the glass. However, before starting the process, you should consider several factors as seen in the following details.

Tips and Tricks to Get a Beautiful Wine Glass with Name Engraved
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Types of Glasses:

It is possible to engrave flat materials such as window and wine glasses. In fact, the technique is quite successful in decorating the curved surfaces. Powered by carbon dioxide, the machine is ideal to engrave the crystal glasses in an impeccable manner. Fiber laser technique is, also, used to vent the creative emotions of the users.

Moist Paper:

Moist paper towel play an important role in the engraving process. Rub the glass with the towel to make it smooth and attractive.  Beforehand, you should apply the towel once on the surface and ensure that there are no air bubbles or overlaps. One should, also, blow the hot air to dry the surface as it can make the process easy and hassle-free.

Application Tape:

The application tape is an important tool to prevent the roughening of the glass surface. After the completion of the engraving process with the application tape, you should clean the glass to remove the dirt, dust, and traces of adhesives as well.

The Absence of Auxiliary Materials:

One of the most important aspects of engraving is the absence of auxiliary materials. People can create magic by making some adjustments like changing the color of the graphic from black to gray. Modern machines are controlled with the help of computers; therefore, it is possible to define the print settings through the virtual interface too.

Rotary attachments are crucial in the wine glass with name engraved that are curved with numerous turns. In order to get the best results, it is vital to place the glass in an accurate position. A slight shift in the position could change the design; therefore, move the material away from the laser head to ensure there is no collision and the messages are engraved with maximum precision.

Tips and Tricks to Get a Beautiful Wine Glass with Name Engraved
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Best Effects:

Photo engraving on the glass is bound to create a positive impression in the minds of people. In order to accomplish the task, it is vital to use the grayscale matrix. An average resolution of 500DPI along with suitable rasterization could play an important role in making the glass extremely unique.


  • The engraving speed is the primary factor that can impart professional finesse to the images on the glass.  One should set the speed according to the texture of the surface to ensure that the output accentuates the appearance of the souvenir.
  • Masking is another technique that people deploy to make the engraving process more effective. For instance, a paper is placed on the area to dissipate the heat to prevent crests and troughs on the surface. A smooth glass with a heartfelt message can spice up your love life.
  • You should contact only the reputed vendors as they have the necessary equipment to complete the task. In order to check the quality of service, consult the store owners selling the souvenirs. They can provide complete information about the engraving contractors in the neighborhood.
  • Quality glass is the key for the decoration process because a brittle surface cannot manage the pressure and heat of the laser beams. Only experts should handle the task because the amateurs leave a lot to be desired on the quality front.
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