Perfect Presents: Top Gift Considerations for Cycling Enthusiasts

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Occasions for gift giving can bring dilemmas and tough choices. Giving the right person the perfect gift is always difficult. Sometimes, a clue presents itself when the person has a hobby. Cycling enthusiasts, for example, allow the gift giver a plethora of choices. Here are just a few gives that cyclists might enjoy receiving.

A New Bike Helmet Shows Care

Unquestionably, a valued present is one that protects the biker brain. Purchasing a new bicycle helmet is a gesture sure to convey care and affection. Bike helmets have made tremendous advances as science discovers the effects of impacts to the head. Upon surviving a bicycle accident, odds are high the cyclists head hit a hard surface during the collision. The deciding factor between sustaining mere bruises or a severe concussion is often the fit and condition of the helmet worn.

When searching for the right helmet, it goes without saying to never purchase a used helmet. Advertising the sale of a used helmet correlates with the number of times its owner fell off their bike. New bicycle helmets typically have an average cost of $55.00. That amount will purchase a state-of-the art bike helmet. Technology integrated with new helmets offers two layers that rotate against each other. This mimics the brain’s cerebrospinal fluid, thus creating an improved barrier against potential life-altering brain injuries.

A Present for Security and Peace of Mind

Security is the picture of generosity. Stolen equipment stops the cyclist right in their tracks. Multiple types of locks exist, allowing worry and concern over a stolen bike to flee from the bikers mind. Making a decision about which lock to choose remains the only conundrum.

U-shaped locks offer a solid method for securing a cyclist’s bike. Some bikers consider their bulky shape problematic, while others feel the security provided outweighs the bulk. Bike wheel security kits offer a great way to prevent stolen parts. These kits provide individualized nuts for each of the bicycles normal wheel nuts. Standard wrenches cannot remove these nuts. Knowledge of the cyclist’s current bicycle is essential, as there are specialized kits for hex nuts, quick release nuts or standard nuts. This method for securing a bicycle does have a drawback, a thief may simply haul off the entire bike with no consideration for wheel nut type.

Give Nourishment in the Form of Energy, Hydration and Nutrition Treats

A cyclists’ nutrition needs do not end when the pedals start to move. As in any sport, a bicycle rider needs hydration and nourishment for health and optimal performance. Forbes Magazine suggests a variety of mixes and snacks for the avid cycler. Almonds, peanuts, cashers, dried fruit and even wine make the list of far more exotic snacks than the usual energy bars.

Insulated water bottles offer year round hydration for the rider’s enjoyment. Consider giving drinking devices that assist efforts to prevent cramps. Bottles include insulation ranging from fabric to complex thermal units. Water skins are another great option that gives hands free hydration. A straw typically allows the biker to access fluid from a device strapped to the waist or back.

A Gift of Clothing Can Never Go Wrong

Encourage and motivate the cyclist with a gift of clothing. Items worn by bicycle riders can range from skin to highly specialized compression suits. Most bikers fall somewhere between those two extremes. Clothing considered highly undesirable is any fabric or material that adds to weight carried or causes friction.

Presenting the biker with a bicycle-themed T-shirt, like those from DHDWear, is always a welcome gift. Avid and casual cyclists alike appreciate this type of clothing. A cyclist enjoys wearing a shirt that displays clever quips about their sport.

When considering the right gift for your cyclist, undoubtedly the choices offered contain the answer. Any cyclist enthusiast always appreciates a thoughtful gift acknowledging their sport of choice.

Perfect Presents: Top Gift Considerations for Cycling Enthusiasts
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