Why Improving Your Physical Health Can improve Your Mental Health

There is a definite relationship between physical and mental health, and being aware of this can help improve your wellbeing and your life. Everyone talks about the importance of physical health, diet and exercise, but what benefits can they have on your mental health and wellbeing? Read on to find out what fitness and exercise can do for you, besides making you a healthier and fitter person. When you realise the relationship between the two you can use it to your full advantage.



Who doesn’t like to feel happy? The chemicals that are released into your body after exercise are ones that make you feel happy. You do get momentary pleasure from eating fast food, but your body really rewards you for pushing yourself and breaking down fitness boundaries you never knew you could. The endorphins and the feeling of happiness and wellbeing are why people come back again and again to exercise. This feeling can help relieve stress, anxiety and help with mental illnesses like depression. Pushing yourself and doing things you never know you could feels great, and your body will reward you for it.

Why Improving Your Physical Health Can improve Your Mental Health
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Having a sense a sense a pride can come in many shapes and forms but fitness and physical goals really do make you proud. This might be because the finish line is very definite, or physically squatting that weight is an achievement you can measure. Whatever the reason, boosting your physical fitness always boosts your self-confidence and gives you a sense of pride which can have great knock-on effects on your mental health and the many things you are capable of.


Building Relationships

There are many kinds of physical activities and sports and they come in many forms. Finding a team, a community, a gym partner or a club is a great way to build relationships with people. Building relationships with people and celebrating your interests with them can do wonders for mental health and sense of worth. People rely on you, look up to you and you support each other through each match or training session.


Knowing When You Need More Support

Although fitness and training can be amazing for your mental health, sometimes you need a bit more than that. If you are struggling with your mental health make sure you consider therapy as this can help. While improving your physical health can help with anxiety and depression talking it out is also needed, and contacting a professional is the next best step you can take. Knowing when to ask for help is a difficult first step, but it is well worth taking that first step.


Here are just a few reasons why you should invest in your physical health and fitness and why it is worth it. There is a clear link between staying fit and having a positive attitude and state of mind. Realising this, and knowing that every time your work out you are also working on your mental health is a great realisation for many people. Being active helps you keep positive.   


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