6 Luxury Gifting Ideas To Rekindle The Romance Instantly

6 Luxury Gifting Ideas To Rekindle The Romance Instantly
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There are several occasions, when you are all upbeat about planning something on a grand scale for that special someone in your life! It can be Valentine’s day, their birthday, your anniversary, or just like that because you don’t need a reason to celebrate love. Do you?

Cut to the chase, here are some of the best ways to show your passionate love and affection for the love of your life and pamper them. From luxury gifts to extravagant retreats, we’ve got you covered with everything in the following pointers:

1) Go Edgy

It may seem an unusual gift, but how about getting the love of your life a pocketknife? Luxury Brand William Henry offers a pocketknife for $75,000. The exclusive edition is a perfect buy for the man in your life and can be added to men’s jewelry collection!  The knife is a celebration of Frazetta’s famous Silver Warrior from 1972. Can there be anything that can get better than this? We don’t think so!

If you are planning something on this scale for a lady, then take the cue from Guerlain Kisskiss Gold And Diamonds Lipstick, which costs more or less a world tour! Available in 15 shades, the lipstick is has a case made from 110g 18 carat yellow gold and has 199 diamonds of 2.2 carats. Also, you can get names and messages engraved on the case, which makes it all the more special for gifting.

2) Hit the Sweet Spot with Niche Perfumes

Buying designer perfumes is passé. Head

Instead, dash towards niche perfumes, which are available in limited quantity. Made from exclusive and original scents, these perfumes focus on using the highest concentration of the perfume extracts and rely on natural ingredients.

6 Luxury Gifting Ideas To Rekindle The Romance Instantly
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For instance, Tauer Perfumes, which is a Switzerland-based perfume house packages unique fragrances in one-of-its kind hexagonal structures. The scents are heavy and complex and strike a chord with those who want to settle for a deeper, richer scent.

Bonus: Because fragrances are often the extension of one’s personality, it is important to match them with the person you love. It will tell your significant other how much he/she means to you and how much do you know them!

Go ahead and pick a signature scent!

3) Watch Out

We bet that no one can resist the allure of Patek Philippe’s 6102 – Grand Complications Self-Winding watch. It highlights the tradition of astronomical watches, which is breathtakingly included as an Ellipse beneath the sapphire glass.

The watch has black sapphire-crystal disks for sky background as well as moon phases while transparent sapphire-crystal disk for the sky chart and the Milky Way Galaxy. The alligator strap is blue in color with square scales is hand stitched and gives out an elegant shine. You can also take your pick from Audemars Piguet Royal Oak available in 20 pieces.

For women, the Bulgari Serpenti collection is as mesmerizing as it gets. Launched in 2017, the trendy watch collection has a small dial with slim leather straps. If your ladylove likes to sport slim, colorful watches, this is the apt gift for her!

4) Cruise or Sail Away

Luxury cruises always have their own charm that refuses to fade!

Booking a luxury cruise is made easy with several travel and tourism websites offering deals that you will find tough to turn down!

6 Luxury Gifting Ideas To Rekindle The Romance Instantly
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Call it clichéd if you want to but Paris will always remain a favorite for the hardcore romantics. Taking a cruise to the city with some extravagant experience like French champagne and plush dinner, may just be the cherry on the cake you need!

All the same, you can take off to the Greek Island on a luxurious cruise ship, club it with luxurious spa to experience opulence at its best!

You can also revel in the breathtaking vistas of the Napa Velley with a private hot balloon tour for two for a one-hour romantic flight. The sights to be seen include Old Faithful Geyser, Mount St.Helena and Palisade Cliffs. And that’s not all! You can club it with the best ever breakfast at touchdown!

If you’re yearning for some adventure, go sailing on a private Yacht dang in the middle of the deep blue sea like a pro!

Sounds like the perfect vacay idea for couples. What do you think?

5) Shine like a Diamond

Who said diamonds are just for women?

We believe that the shine, sparkle and love is for both the genders.

6 Luxury Gifting Ideas To Rekindle The Romance Instantly
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That being said, diamond rings should be on everyone’s gifting list, even if you’ve gifted them umpteenth time. Because they are forever! Heart rings, birthstone rings, rings with Celtic knot, cufflinks and other accessories will do the trick for your loved one.

After all, these do give you the feel of being very much in love with your S.O!

6) Don’t Ignore a Good Old Staycation

It’s always a good idea to go far from the maddening crowd and be with each other. However, you don’t need to venture somewhere far off for that.

If you still don’t get the hint, we’re talking about – Staycation!

There are several resorts, hotels and retreats where you can enjoy every moment in the lap of luxury with candlelit dinners, magnificently decorated suite and everything in between!

6 Luxury Gifting Ideas To Rekindle The Romance Instantly
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Think of an escape to a luxury resort just a drive away from the town with a private beach that charms you and your partner at the very first sight! You cannot help feeling all fancy and spoilt with deluxe options which can includes spa credit, personal shopping and reserved cabana!

All you got to do is research about the best and the most luxurious staycation packages nearby and “elope” there with your special one!

The Wrap

These luxury options will surely make your partner feel adored and spoilt to the core! Choose from any of these to cherish the best moments, which go beyond the price tag and revel in love now and forever!

6 Luxury Gifting Ideas To Rekindle The Romance Instantly
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