Vacation NOT For Rent: The Secret To A Sporting Holiday You Can Enjoy

For some, vacation means sunning by the beach and not thinking about anything at all. Such individuals go away to ease their worries and rest their bodies. Exercise here gets no more extreme than  a gentle stroll to the bar. The most cumbersome lifting you’ll do on a trip like this is lifting your book to block the sun Those are the days, aren’t they?

Perhaps not. For some of us, the idea of weeks like these brings nothing but fear. Instead, we look out for experiences with as much adrenaline as possible. After all, isn’t vacation about living life to the fullest? And, there are few better ways to do that than to embark on the sporting destinations of your dreams. There are ski resorts and bike trails out there which can show you the most spectacular sights a country has to offer. All while embarking on the sports you love most.

Vacation NOT For Rent: The Secret To A Sporting Holiday You Can Enjoy
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But, before you can make the most of those benefits, consider whether you’re going to hire equipment or take your own. Often, hiring seems like the easiest option. Most resorts offer this choice, and it saves you have to fork out on flying your equipment out with you. But, before you assume that’s the best plan, consider these benefits to bringing your gear along for the ride.

Saving on rental costs

The most notable benefit is that taking equipment means saving on rental costs. While you will need to think about the price of flying your gear, you can rest pretty easy it’ll be cheaper than renting each day of your stay. In most resorts, those rental costs get pretty steep over the course of a week or more. In fact, the longer you’re staying, the more you stand to save by bringing bits from home.

Getting the most from your experience

Vacation NOT For Rent: The Secret To A Sporting Holiday You Can Enjoy
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Bringing equipment also allows you to get the most from your experience. On a biking holiday, for instance, a rental bike won’t be specific to your needs. It might not offer the features or fittings which bring ultimate comfort and enjoyment. By comparison, your bike from home is exactly the way you need it to be. And, the same can be said for those embarking on a ski holiday. Most rental ski equipment is fairly basic. But, if you bring along your Nordica Enforcer 100 skis, or whatever you have at home, you can enhance your experience to new heights. In fact, this rule applies to any sport. Even those embarking on a golf trip are sure to get along better if they take their clubs with them.

It’s a hygiene thing

It’s unfair to assume rental sporting gear is unhygienic. Most resorts keep their bits in top condition, and clean after use. But, with things such as footwear, there are some hygiene issues to consider. It’s unlikely you’re going to suffer from renting, but wouldn’t you be able to rest easier knowing the only feet which have been in those hiking boots are yours?

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