Limited Time, Large Need: An Online Driver’s Education Course Could be the Right Choice for Your Needs

If you’re seeking a driver’s license as an adult, the experience is a bit different from if you’re going through the process as a teenager. Adults tend to have limited time so spending hours in a classroom may not be desirable or practical.

At the same time, having a license is often even more important. You may have to shuttle around children or aging parents. Maybe your new job requires you to drive or you’ve moved to a city where public transport is unreliable. Not being able to drive can cost you both time and money.

Limited Time, Large Need: An Online Driver's Education Course Could be the Right Choice for Your Needs
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Get driver’s education online

Luckily, you can now take driver’s education course 100 percent online. Online courses allow you to learn from any location. The lessons can be completed at the pace most comfortable for you and at any time of day. If you’re a night owl, there is no need to worry about attending an early morning class. The courses are often designed to be interesting and can include animation, videos and case studies. Online driver’s education also tends to be more affordable than traditional classes.

Different states have different rules but, in most cases, you have to take some form of driver’s education. In Texas, it’s mandatory to complete a driver’s course if you are over 18 and under 25. 

In Illinois, an adult driver’s education course is required under the following conditions: you are between the ages of 18 and 20, applying for a first-time Illinois driver’s license and you have never completed any kind of Driver’s Ed course. 

Some states require you to take a mandated number of behind-the-wheel lessons before taking the practical test.

What you will learn in driver’s ed

If you’re thinking of obtaining your adult driver’s license in Safe Motorist,  you may be wondering what is involved. These classes will help you to understand the rules of the road and to adopt road safety best practices.

You will learn about basic driving maneuvers, safety, right-of-way, traffic control devices and traffic flow. You will also learn about how alcohol and other drugs impair your driving. These will all help you to meet the state’s requirements.

Your class may cover:

  • Identifying road signs, traffic signals and pavement markings
  • Driving laws and the consequences of violating them
  • Signaling, passing and turning
  • Preventing distracted driving
  • Handling special driving situations
  • Sharing the road with other road users
  • Maintaining your car
  • What to do in the event of a crash

There is no need to worry if you didn’t get your driver’s license in high school. There is also no need to sit in a classroom with high school students. Taking a course online will make it much easier to embark on this journey towards becoming more independent. There is just one note of caution: not all online courses are the same. You shouldn’t just choose the first school you come across or the cheapest one you find. Instead, you should ensure the one you choose is approved by your state DMV. This is critical since the DMV won’t give you credit if you complete a course that is not sanctioned.

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