Make Your Next Career Move a Big One

It is the tune sung by millions of people who have lost interest in their jobs ‘I want my own business; I want some freedom.’ While it is fabulous that so many people are trying to create a new path for themselves, so many are missing out on the utter joy and simplicity of joining something ready made. Franchise opportunities are everywhere, and they come with so many perks in comparison to starting a business from scratch, it would be impossible to try and fit them all in here. However, let’s try!


You get to be at the helm of a well-established business, in full control of staffing, branding, marketing and more. Sound like a lot? Well, it might be if it wasn’t for the phenomenal amount of support you’ll receive from your chosen franchise.

Franchises done right are incredibly supportive environments, and they want you to thrive. So they will provide you with people to help you manage your budgets, write amazing regional marketing plans and execute them flawlessly.


It will take some research; you really should be looking for a franchise that will suit the hours you want to work and the lifestyle you are hoping to get from it. It is worth remembering that some of the fastest growing sectors are things like the senior care business. They are long-term businesses that will continue to grow and are worth your time and effort.


The collaborations between you, the company and other franchise owners are robust. You share the benefits of a large group of businesses, all with the same goal, the same solid branding, and access to the marketing geniuses that took the company this far.

Make Your Next Career Move a Big One
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In general, a franchise offers a much higher chance for you to make your business a success because you are so supported and the whole franchise is behind you (so to speak) you are more likely to make it work. Not all of the hard work has been done for you, but you are purchasing a business in a box – it needs unboxing and some assembly.


While branching out on your own in business is an enticing idea, it comes with many issues. From needing to work on your branding, to working out how to market your product or service, a lot of research and around 30% of businesses fail in the first year.


Let’s not forget the very reasons that you are considering making a big career move. Flexibility, money, and stature. Those three little words that mean so much to freelancers and business owners alike. Flexibility to dictate your hours, days, and location. Money, income, generating and controlling your income right down to the cent – rarely is this the most important but it is nice to know that what you make was made with your hard work and you see all of it. Stature is a funny one; there is something that comes with the ability to tell people you are a business owner. However, it is a little bit grander when you can say you own a ‘Franchise Name.’ Franchises are amazing and should certainly be on your consideration list.

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