4 Home Maintenance Tasks for a More Complete Household

Having a checklist for all of your maintenance items can keep your home in good shape all year long. Some experts will even recommend that you have a separate checklist for each season. Here are some of the maintenance tasks that can help your household stay more complete.

4 Home Maintenance Tasks for a More Complete Household
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Service Your HVAC System

You should check and/or change out your HVAC air filter on a monthly basis. This can help to keep your system running more efficiently. Another thing that you should do is have your HVAC unit serviced annually. This will prevent your system from unexpectedly shutting down just when you need it. Clean your vents when you notice that they’re dirty. You may even want to have your ducts cleaned every so often. Doing these things can help your HVAC system last longer and maintain the temperature in your home better.

Practice Spring Cleaning

Keeping your home clean can save on lots of home maintenance tasks. You may notice that there’s a problem with your home once you get down with your cleaning tasks. Don’t wait to address these issues. They can develop into larger problems that can damage your home. A clean home can make you feel better about where you live and about yourself. Many people will only do this deep cleaning during the spring. The coming warmer weather may be the incentive that you need to tackle this task.

Flush Your Water Heater

The recommendation is that you should flush your water heater from time to time. Some manufacturers say that you should do this on a monthly basis. This will help it to last longer because sediment won’t build up in the bottom of the tank. Maintaining your plumbing system by being your own plumber is an important part of keeping your home in good shape. You don’t want to have to replace your water heater or your entire plumbing system because you let it degrade.

Clean Your Gutters

Clean out your gutters at least once a year after the leaves have dropped. Clogged gutters can overflow and cause the fascia and siding of your home to rot. Another common problem is that the water can pond up around your foundation and cause your house to settle. Cleaning out your gutters every once in a while seems like a small price to pay in order to protect your home from damage.

Even if you only decide to do some of your home maintenance tasks, pick ones that are really important. Properly maintaining your home can increase the life expectancy of many of these items.

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