7 Fashion Hacks for Petite Women

Fashion is not exclusive to the model-like tall women. Petite ladies can be stylish and look good in clothes that are made for taller people, with a few adjustments.

If you have a petite body type, then you know that your biggest fashion obstacle is finding the clothes that compliment your short stature and unique proportions. Fortunately, there are many ways to work around your body type and achieve the look you want. 

From the sizing to patterns, here are six fashion hacks for the stylish petite woman.

7 Fashion Hacks for Petite Women
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Wear the Right Size

Even the most stylish clothes will not look good if they don’t fit right. Petite women, particularly, must pay special attention to choosing the right-sized clothes. Loose clothes won’t give you a graceful, willowy appearance like they do to tall, slim body types. Oversized clothes will only obscure your figure unless you balance the fit of your whole outfit.

To get clothes that fit, you must first determine your body shape. Yes, you’re petite, but not all petite women have the body shape. If you have a smaller waist with bust and hips that are more or less proportional, you have an hourglass figure. Women with wide hips and slender upper bodies have a triangular body shape. 

Get your measurements, and identify whether you have an apple, diamond, inverted triangle, pear, or rectangle body type to guide you with choosing clothes that compliment your figure. If you’re not sure how to match your size with those on the tag, it always pays to ask for help.


Tailor-Fit Your Clothes

Can’t find ready-to-wear clothes in your size? Get your clothes tailored. There are many benefits of custom tailoring. For one, you get clothes that fit to a T. You don’t have to worry about clothes that are too tight in some places and too loose in others.

For petites who love to wear jeans and trousers, avoid the bunch up the hem by getting your pants tailored. Pants that are overly long will only make you look shorter. No matter how long you scour shops, you won’t find apparel that will highlight your figure as well as tailored clothes will.


Opt for Narrow Belts and Empire Waists

Opt for narrow belts when wearing a dress or shirt-jeans combo. Wearing a thick belt breaks the vertical line you want to achieve with your outfit, which shortens your form.

Want to look like you have longer legs when wearing a dress? The fitted bodice, high-waist, and flowy skirt of empire-waist dresses elongates the bottom half of your body, making you look taller.

Wear One Color Outfits and Vertical Lines

Stripes are fun and exciting to wear, but they’re also useful for creating the illusion of height. Choose stripes with vertical lines since they have a slimming and lengthening effect.

If you’re not fond of patterns, wearing a monochromatic attire will do just the trick. One color outfits also create a vertical image and elongate your form. Just remember to match your shoes too.

Keep Skirt Length on or a Little above the Knee

Petite ladies who love to wear skirts don’t have to be conscious about their shorter legs. Fortunately, there’s a way around that. Choosing the right length for your skirt can make your legs look longer.

The perfect length should fall on the knee or above the knee, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear something longer. With the right kind of shoes, you can still rock that midi or maxi skirt. You may want to look into high-waisted skirts too, those that don’t obscure your petite waist.

Repurpose Old Clothes

Do you have old pieces that you like but are not for your body type or are out of style? Have them repurposed!

Old, loose-fitting flared jeans can be tailored to fit more snugly on your legs or repurposed into a pair of shorts. You can turn a scarf into a wrap skirt or make a scarf with your old shirts. The possibilities are endless!

For pieces that you can’t repurpose or don’t want to wear anymore, consider selling your clothes online. Create your own website to open your own shop, and use your social media accounts to promote your products. It’s quick, easy, and cheap.

Stay in Style

Don’t let your lack of height stop you from being fashionable. Style is universal. You don’t have to follow the trends set by the media and mainstream fashion, which were made for tall, slim figures.

Stop comparing yourself to the models you see on billboards, runways, and multimedia. You can’t change your body type, but you can definitely work with what you have. Choose clothes that highlight your petiteness and rock the perfect style for you!

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