6 Celebrity-Inspired Jewelry Trends You should Try Now

The right jewelry has the power to take any outfit from so-so to simply amazing. You may not be able to borrow priceless diamonds for a walk down the red carpet like an A-list celeb, but you can definitely borrow inspiration from celebrity style. Read about some of the best celebrity-inspired jewelry trends that will help you amp up your style. 

1) Layer Several Delicate Pieces 

Dainty and delicate jewelry is definitely having its moment of fame. To get the most out of this look, pile on several subtle necklaces, rings, or bracelets to create a carefree yet pretty effect that can take you from day to night. 

Mixing and matching several pieces will add up to a beautiful jewelry style that will help you show off a bunch of your favorite pieces in one incredible outfit. Invoke the celebs and stack multiple rings on your fingers, or pile on several delicate necklaces or bangles to instantly add polish to any ensemble. This style is very forgiving: you can stick to one metal or even mix and match silver, gold, bronze, and rose gold for a more eclectic take on this trend. 

2) Show Off With a Statement Necklace

6 Celebrity-Inspired Jewelry Trends You should Try Now
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Don’t be afraid to go bold. A statement necklace with bright colors, clusters of beads, giant gemstones, and even materials like feathers and fringe will make any outfit pop. Stylemakers like Karlie Kloss and Jessica Biel have recently been snapped on the red carpet rocking big, beautiful necklaces that get noticed from a mile away. A statement necklace will make you look on-trend and hyper-confident in every situation, whether its an important meeting, a first date, or a night out with friends.

3) Make it Your Own with a Monogram

Monograms are no longer just a preppy staple: jewelry emblazoned with your initials can find a place in everyone’s wardrobe. Signet rings, bar necklaces, and bangles are all opportunities to put your mark on a piece of jewelry and make it your own. And monograms aren’t just limited to initials these days: many jewelry retailers offer options to engrave custom coordinates on an item, so if there’s a location that holds a special place in your heart, you can now wear it wherever you go with a stylish and meaningful necklace or bracelet. 

Another option that Hollywood is going gaga for is getting a date stamped on a piece of jewelry in order to create a keepsake piece. Whether you choose to commemorate an anniversary, a birthday, or a special milestone, this is a trend you’ll want to wear through the decades. 

 4) Go Glam with Retro Styles

When you need to make a lasting impression, look to retro styles for the ultimate inspiration. This means choosing classic materials like pearls and diamonds (or cubic zirconia) that are meant to dazzle. 

6 Celebrity-Inspired Jewelry Trends You should Try Now
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If you’ve been paying attention to celebrity nuptials lately, you’ll have noticed that the stars are choosing engagement rings that echo vintage looks from the early 20th century. When you’ve got an occasion and it’s time to treat yourself to a quality, heirloom-level piece of fine jewelry, think like your favorite stars and opt for something that has timeless appeal.

5) Choose Gemstones, Minerals And Natural Materials for a Boho Look

Evoke a cool, Coachella-worthy attitude with jewelry that puts an emphasis on gemstones and minerals like turquoise, coral, and amethyst. Crystals and gems are all the rage right now, and whether you believe crystals and stones have special powers or you just love the bohemian aesthetic, there’s something for everyone in this trend. Go maximalist and layer a bunch of pieces made from different materials or textures, or keep it office-appropriate with a single embellished cuff bracelet or raw gemstone ring. 

6 Celebrity-Inspired Jewelry Trends You should Try Now
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6) Try a Choker for Simple, On-Trend Style

Even celebrities know that sometimes simplicity is best when it comes to accessories. A plain choker necklace is an easy way to give any look a bit of bad girl edge. It-girls like Selena Gomez, Cara Delevigne, and Taylor Swift have been spotted rocking a choker necklaces, a throwback to a fun 90s style that’s full of attitude. Even better, chokers are another look that allows you to tap into your crafting skills—check out an easy online tutorial to learn to make your own! 


6 Celebrity-Inspired Jewelry Trends You should Try Now
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