Sobering Up in Your Late 20s

Sobering Up in Your Late 20s
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When you’re in your early 20s, you spend a lot of time out drinking at bars having a good time, and probably consuming way more alcohol than is really good for you. It’s all good and you have fun along the way, but there comes a point in your mid to late 20s when you come to realize that it’s time for a change. You’re sick and tired of waking up feeling sick and tired; you hate not having enough money left to save for your goals and you know that you need to cut down for the sake of your liver, but it can be really hard to actually sober up and live with less alcohol in your life.


I get it, for many of us, as adults, alcohol is inextricably linked with fun and the prospect of giving up, or cutting down on alcohol can feel like the prospect of giving up good times too, but it really isn’t. You can still hang out and have fun without ending up with a hangover the next day!


If you’re serious about sobering up and having fewer alcohol-fuelled days, here are some tips that will help you along the way:


Find Yourself a Few Allies

It’s a lot easier to go easy on the alcohol when you have good friends who know what you’re trying to do and who are supportive of you doing it. There are a lot of people who will all but try to force alcohol down your throat when you refuse a glass, but if they know what you’re doing and why, they won’t do that, and actually they will probably cheer you on and maybe even join you on occasion.


Stay Away from Drinking Buddies

This might seem a little harsh, but if there are people in your friendship circle who don’;t support you who constantly try and get you to drink when you don;t want to and whoa re more likely to make you cave in and admit defeat, you may need to cut them out of your life, or at least stop seeing them so often, for a little while. If drinking less is important to you for the good of your health your bank balance or your goals, then that is more important than hurting a few feelings and if you explain your reasoning tactfully, that probably won’t happen anyway. You have to do what’s right for you, always.


Consider Professional Help

Sobering Up in Your Late 20s
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If you think that your issues with alcohol might run a little deeper than just enjoying a few drinks and having a good time; if you think you may have addiction issues and you are finding it harder to stop than you thought you would, you might want to consider getting professional help. Checking into a recovery center like the one at is a good way to get all of the support, therapy and medical help you need to kick the habit and get sober. It might take a little while, but if your issues are serious, it probably the best way of doing things.


Giving up, or cutting down on your alcohol consumption can be hard, especially when you’re still young and socializing and alcohol go hand in hand but it can be done if you’re serious. Just remember that goods people and persistence are the keys.

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