What Are the Special Wedding Catering Ideas To Look After?

When it comes to special wedding catering, people often think about unconventional menu or something exotic that would surprise the guests. On the contrary, making the grand event special does not call for a complex task. Rather, there are simple, yet incredible elements that can make the memories of wedding delicacies last for a long time. To help you out in this quest, here are some of the great catering ideas to consider for bringing the magic of wonderful dishes together for your important day. 

What Are the Special Wedding Catering Ideas To Look After?
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The Top Six Special Wedding Catering Ideas

The top six amazing wedding catering ideas that you ought to make a part of your day, however, the one for special wedding catering to choose is typically based on the preferences that you have. 

1. Live Cooking

A common favorite of many, with live cooking guests get to experience their food prepared in front of themselves. Freshly made sushi, crepes or other items that you are planning to have in the menu, anything to everything can be part of live cooking. Besides being the star attraction, this offers ample scope for customization, where guests can choose the way they want to have their food. For instance, more chocolate drizzled on banana crepes or extra veggies on sushi can always be asked for. 

2. Coffee Counter

Specialty coffees are an absolute hit and it would be difficult for the guests to get over them. The aroma of brewed coffee roasted to perfection can immediately awaken their senses and can sprinkle a new life into the party. But, when you are up for a good coffee counter there are three key elements to work on and these are:

  • Consult the special wedding catering companies to know more about the kind of coffee they will be able to provide. 
  • Quality is of utmost importance, so do ensure that you get the best
  • When spoilt with options, do a sample test and decide which coffee would be better 

3. Cookies 

It’s hard to overlook cookies, they are so delectable and when you have an entire stand filled with cookies for your guests they would probably go heads over heels. Prepare a separate cookie counter containing some of the classic variants, modern treats to other delights that would please the guests. The thing about cookies is that you can never go wrong with them. Then why not make it a part of your special wedding catering menu?  

4. Organic Choices

Besides getting some of those guilty pleasures, your guests would love to have something healthy and wholesome at the same time. Therefore, to have a proper balance, make sure that you incorporate organic and healthy items to the menu such as gluten-free options, salads, low calorie drinks and so on. This enables everyone to have a good time, even those who are on dietary restrictions. 

What Are the Special Wedding Catering Ideas To Look After?
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5. Joy of Colors

Any creative special wedding catering will be incomplete without the splash of colors and this means the presentation is as critical as the foods that you choose. Pay attention towards the way various items will be organized, their respective counters and the overall color scheme that would be created. A good practice is to pick a theme and then work accordingly. 

6. Do-it-Yourself Stations

Guests would love to participate in the process of making their food. So, let them make the most of it with do-it-yourself stations, where they can prepare sandwiches of their choice, pizza, its toppings or other interesting items that would capture their attention in no time.  

The options are almost endless, it is all about what you’d love to have for your special wedding catering!  


What Are the Special Wedding Catering Ideas To Look After?
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