Drinking Safe Water is Essential: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to healthy living, water is at the top of the list as an essential part of survival supporting your overall good health. In fact, our bodies are made up of 65% of water. But just how safe is the water you drink? While cities and municipalities around the country commit to providing clean water for their residents, the water that comes out of your taps may not be totally contaminant free. Here’s how you can ensure you are providing the safest and highest quality drinking water for your household.

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What’s really in your water?

A lot happens between water going from natural sources to your tap. The quality of this drinking water will depend upon various factors including how the water has been treated, stored and transported by your city or locality. All tap water has to be cleaned and stored somewhere, usually in treatment plant facilities, public reservoirs and water towers. It then has to be transported through a series of pipe systems to reach your home. However, just because your water seems clean does not mean that there are not other substances residing in it. Are you drinking toxic water?

Even though raw water is taken through a series of processes to remove debris and contaminants, these processes are not 100% fool proof and your tap water may still contain any of the following: organic materials (bacteria or viruses), inorganic materials (lead and mercury), pesticides, runoff, radioactive materials and even raw sewage. What’s more is that many cities treat their water with chloride or other chemicals meant to kill microorganisms, but still chemicals nonetheless that make their way to your faucets. Your water is then transported in pipes that can be old or outdated, delivering even more harmful substances to your doorstep.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) there is a maximum safe contaminant level for drinking water as stated in the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), setting the standard for how states should proceed with cleaning their water. However, there are still some additional measures you can take to provide the safest drinking water for your home.


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Preparing Safe Drinking Water – The Options

If a catastrophe were to ever hit, would you be able to prepare safe drinking water for you and your family? Or simply, how can you take proactive measures to ensure your water is safe to drink on a daily basis? Here’s how:

1.       Boiling your water – One simple way to treat your water at home is to boil it. Boiling water is a very effective method of purification but it must be done correctly. The best approach is to ensure your water reaches a continuous roll of bubbles throughout the entire pot. This indicates that the proper temperature has been reached. Slow rising bubbles in the middle of the pot are a sign that the water is not hot enough to destroy harmful microbes, bacteria and other toxic substances that may be in the water. After you see the entire pot has been rolling with bubbles for a full two minutes, it is ready for consumption. Be sure to let the water cool down before taking your first drink.


2.       Invest in formal water filtration systems – Depending upon your budget, an advanced form of water filtration may be the best option for your home. Water filtration systems come in many varieties and can range from simple water systems that you pick up from a local supermarket or they can include more sophisticated whole house varieties that are installed by a professional such as reverse osmosis systems. No matter your approach, choose the best filter that is right for you and that meets your needs for safe drinking water.


So, do you trust the water that comes straight out of the tap? Fresh, clean and crystal-clear tap water can often be taken for granted, especially when people are unaware of the dangerous substances their water can contain. Take proactive measures and ensure you are drinking the safest water. Understand what may be residing in your water and treat it further to support your good health.

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